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Supersoaker - Kings of Leon
Posted 08/07/13
Love this band. Nice to see a new song and album coming our way soon!

Came Back Haunted (Audio) - Nine Inch Nails
Posted 06/07/13
As I was explaining to Adam today, NIN is one of those bands that is truly timeless. I've always been happy with anything Trent dreams up and delivers to fans. There really aren't that many bands out there that hold up the way they do year after year.

Brother Jon
Posted 05/13/13
In a local news report my brother-in-law Jon got some great airtime over the weekend pumping up visitors and residents for the the 2013 rafting season. Yes! Nice work Jon. Where's my oar, I think it's about time to get out to River Runners for some good-old family fun.

Hexels: Settlers of Catan Magnets?
Posted 01/16/13
There are certainly quite a few Kickstarter projects that I want to support. This one stuck out to me for a number of reasons. Catan is an AWESOME board game. If you don't already own it, I highly recommend it. So great! The problem that this project points out is certainly viable. The board, like most board games that have loose pieces making up a board, tends to not stay together. This is exceptionally true in a heated battle! After reading this you might think I'm one of the folks forking over $35 for a set of 19 tiles. NOPE! I'm cheap, baby! And pieces moving isn't a dealbreaker for fun.

Entypo - 100+ Carefully Crafted Pictograms
Posted 02/29/12
Entypo is a set of 100+ carefully crafted pictograms available as an OpenType font, vector EPS and web font. All released for free under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA.

The Shins Rule
Posted 12/14/11
Just another reason why I love this band. Here you can hear them do a great cover of one of my favorite Pink Floyd tunes on the Jimmy Fallon show. This gets me so amped up for the Roger Waters concert in May!

Urbanized Typeface
Posted 10/13/11
How do you create a typeface with a bicycle?

Posted 07/22/11
In my ongoing love affaire with, I have found a classic scene from one of my favorite movies of all time. Mr. Mom is just too good to pass up. Add it to your Netflix queue, you won't be sorry.

Thornton Talks Business
Posted 07/15/11
I really, really love this movie. May have to bust this one out, blow off the dust and throw it in the old DVD player. Good times.

Crossing the Freeway - Bowfinger
Posted 07/07/11
One of the funniest clips of all time. Not at all one of the funniest movies of all time but it certainly had it's moments.

Posted 05/04/11
Experience the Art and Craft of Letterpress Printing on your iPad LetterMpress™ will be a virtual letterpress environment—released first on the iPad—that will allow anyone to create authentic-looking letterpress designs and prints. The design process is the same as the letterpress process—you place and arrange type and cuts on a press bed, lock the type, ink the type, and print. You will be able to create unlimited designs, with multiple colors, using authentic vintage wood type and art cuts. And you can print your design directly from LetterMpress or save it as an image for import it into other applications.

Talking to the Bobs
Posted 05/04/11
I found a really fun site yesterday that is all about movie clips. I am a HUGE movie quoting kind of guy and this site delivers. Get on there and check some of the great clips that they have today. You won't be disappointed. Here, I'll even link you to a few more just for fun: Did You Get the Memo? The Most Annoying Sound in the World My Little Buttercup Men in Tights Fat Guy in a Little Coat I Speak Jive

Sax Man!
Posted 03/14/11
I love these types of videos. Guy walks into a group of unaware people and does something unusual. Hilarity. Ahhh George Michael must be so proud. Thanks to @Halfwheeling for finding this for me.

Sanborn Map Company
Posted 03/01/11
Came across a posting of some random map company that had one heck of a talented type-nerd working for them. The above image is the cover for one of their publications. Follow the link to see more of their work. That would probably take me 10,000 years to create something similar.

Posted 02/01/11
Wow, I want that truck. Pretty sure Kathy and I (and Julia) would be doing this all day, every weekend.

Roadtrip Nation
Posted 01/27/11
Crazy to see what some old friends that I grew up with have been up to. Very cool project that has gone way further than I ever thought it could. Remarkable. Way to go Nathan and Mike!

IBM Centennial Film: 100 X 100
Posted 01/25/11
Wow, this film is done REALLY well. Can't believe how long they have been around, influencing technology and driving innovation.

3D - No Glasses
Posted 01/24/11
Cool concept? Sure. Would I ever try it? Negative. Nothing like sending your muscles into convulsions to better your viewing experience. I think I'll opt for the glasses if the time ever comes.

Willow Smith vs. Sesame Street
Posted 01/20/11
Just great.

Miniature Whistler
Posted 01/19/11
Whistler gets the tiny treatment with this tilt-shift video, turning one of the biggest ski areas in the world into a living, breathing snow globe.

Posted 01/18/11
Dan sent me this. These guys are nuts! I wish that I had their cajones. Well, it's probably better that I don't, actually.

iCade Returns!
Posted 01/09/11
In April of last year, I was fooled (yes, April fooled) into believing that a cool product that mimicked a stand up arcade for the iPad was on the way. I was sad, upset and dumbfounded that the brilliant idea was in fact fiction. Turns out that many other people were too. So many people thought that it was such a good idea that it is now an actual product. Happy Day! I just hope that they aren't fooling me again. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... fool me... fool me once, can't fool me again."

Julia's Door Bouncer
Posted 01/05/11
How cute is she? Honestly!

Posted 12/27/10
A twisted/different view of a Christmas tradition.

Stupid Rain
Posted 12/23/10
Christmas wasn't so merry in Laguna this year with some serious floods in my home town. Pretty lame stuff. Stranger still is that here in Colorado it's completely dry, sunny and mild.

Lego G(r)eek Computer
Posted 12/10/10
An uber-egghead named Andrew Carol, who works as a software engineer at Apple, has re-created the amazing Antikythera Mechanism using Legos. Ancient Greeks created the device in 100 B.C. to predict astronomical events. This is incredible. Thanks to Dano for finding this for me and sharing.

Flash Mob - Christmas Style
Posted 12/08/10
Very cool. These things are pretty popular these days but I rarely see people so talented. Do you? They have some pipes! I wonder how I would feel if I happened to be caught in the middle of one of these. I bet I would probably just be pissed that nobody invited me to be involved. Crying while they sing. So sad.

Christmas iBand
Posted 12/08/10
Wow, what a bunch of nerds! That being said, I think it's really cool. Technology really is changing things, isn't it? Duh. Thanks to Karen for linking this to me.

Something Lurking
Posted 12/07/10
Now THAT is a cool commercial. I hate to think how many man-hours it took to complete. Very cool.

Kings Firecrackers
Posted 11/30/10
I was mildly impressed when this video started going. I used to jump rope when I was a kid and I thought I was pretty darn good at it. WRONG! I sucked. Check out these talented girls!

Infinity Blade
Posted 11/08/10
I've been poo-pooing so many of the iPad games that I have seen up to this point but am happy to report that the tide seems to FINALLY be changing. A new game, called Infinity Blade, is coming out soon and looks ridiculous. Take a look.

Combining Typefaces
Posted 11/02/10
Smashing magazine has put together a nice guide on combining typefaces. For any designer out there that has a hard time with fonts throughout their creative (like me), this is a great resource.

The Vendor Client Relationship
Posted 11/02/10
Oh man! How true is this video everybody? Wow. Love it. Thanks so much to CodeChemist for finding this and sending it my way.

Moleskin Pac-Man
Posted 10/21/10
Moleskine celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, pop-culture icon of the Eighties.

Kick, Kick, Kick
Posted 10/19/10
Heheh. More documented Julia greatness. She's either going to be a soccer player or a swimmer. I really need to get more video of the little one before she gets too big!

Posted 10/11/10
Sometimes I see a music video and just say WOW. This is one of those times. I'm not sure if it's brilliant or awful. One thing is for sure, I'm pretty sure that I will probably be having nightmares about these characters. I can see the band going back to the director or creative director countless times and saying "it's just not weird enough yet". In the end, I think they nailed it.

Type Rendering on the Web
Posted 10/06/10
Proxima Nova lowercase “a,” as rendered by three different browser/OS mixes at 16px. I begun digging into the Typekit service recently and am very happy with what I have found. Not only have I found a group of individuals that are passionate about type, but they are also passionate about typography on the web. While reading around on their blog I came across a post about why fonts look the way they do in web browsers. While the original post doesn't get too deep yet, I look forward to reading more. See people, that is how you get a blog following. Give good content and follow it up with MORE good content. Brilliant!

Blood Bros: First Blood
Posted 09/30/10
Blood Bros: First Blood by maddecent TRAIN! FIGHT! WIN! This is the first volume of the Blood Bros - a DJ duo creating mixtapes of the best of 80s action movie soundtracks. More than just a compilation of songs, the mix is 100% designed to follow the course of a film, starting with Training, moving on to the Fight....then finally, celebrating the triumph over the rival. Put this mix on when you are training on the beach, hitting the bag, chopping wood, running up/down a mountain, or generally doing anything which requires involves fierce determination and focus to win. BLOOD BROS!

Cool Hunting Video
Posted 09/28/10
I don't subscribe to a lot of video podcasts... or audio podcasts for that matter. Of the handful that I do enjoy, Cool Hunting Video is way up near the top. “Founded in 2003, Cool Hunting is a destination for creative professionals and those looking for the newest original content spanning everything from molecular gastronomy to conceptual design.” What it really is on a more basic level is truly interesting and massively addicting.

Baby Monkey
Posted 09/23/10
Having a bad day? Week? This will brighten your spirits. What is it? Why, a baby monkey riding a pig. Yup. Enjoy. Also note how great the song is.

Radar Thirty-Five: New Type York
Posted 09/17/10
New Type York is a glimpse at the lost history of signage and typography in NYC. James Patrick Gibson walks the streets of New York “uncovering the typographic artifacts of New York City”, seeking out all forms of signage that not only convey information but also provide a sense of style. A graphic designer by trade, Gibson’s New Type York has an intimate relationship with fonts, exploring how each pushes a different emotion, revealing the nature of the business whose name it bears while also celebrating what is simply pleasing the eye. Mucho gusto to Kenzo for posting this gem on Twitter. Loves it.

Dancing Kid
Posted 09/16/10
The buzziest commercials and the most viral videos share a few things in common. One, they're unique. Two, they're funny. And three, they look homemade (or at least they do to the casual eye). A new ad for Samsung has all those things going for it, which helps explain its surging popularity. The two-minute clip, in which a young kid dances solo on a play mat before being joined by her daycare teachers and then, finally, the entire town, is the talk of the web. Love it!

More Julia Footage
Posted 09/09/10
We took this video a little over a week. She's just so CUTE! Check her out trying to ride a phantom bicycle or something. She's super active all the time.

Face vs. Watermelon
Posted 09/08/10
This has nothing to do with anything but hilarity. Just watch. It's sooooo good. Thanks to Adam for finding this and sending it my way.

FUN - It's Contagious
Posted 08/30/10
What a great idea! Reminds me (and probably all of you) of the piano scene in the movie Big. Enjoy!

The 90s Top 50 Music Videos
Posted 08/26/10
Pitchfork Media has put together a list of what they think is the best 50 music videos from the 1990s. I'm not sure about some of videos on their list but most of them certainly take me back to happy times. Below are a few of my favorites. Enjoy! If you'd like to see the entire list, click on the link below all the videos. Daft Punk - Around the World Foo Fighters - Everlong Weezer - Buddy Holly

Tallest Man on Earth
Posted 08/26/10
Here is a nice live show of Tallest Man on Earth performing I Won't Be Found. This guy is so gifted, it hurts. If you don't already own his Shallow Grave album, you are DUMB. Get to iTunes music store or your local record shop now.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
Posted 08/25/10
Has anyone seen this movie that can give some feedback? It looks super-awesome but I haven't heard peep about it. Any feedback is appreciated.

Dragon Age 2 - Destiny Trailer
Posted 08/23/10
I didn't play the first Dragon Age but after seeing this trailer for the first one, I certainly am considering picking both of them up. Just looks amazing, doesn't it? I don't even care that it's only a cinematic. If they put this much effort into the videos, the game MUST be fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more.

Idol's New Judge - Steven Tyler?
Posted 08/19/10
We all know that I'm not the type of guy that follows reality TV or blogs about celebrity goings-on, but we also know that it all changes when Idol is involved. After being a part of the Idol family for so many years, I have a hard time letting go of the mess that is now American Idol. In most recent news after Ellen has decided not to return, a new judge has been announced for next season. Steven Tyler! Really? Steven Tyler? Oh well, I'll believe anything from that show these days. In my opinion they should have tried to get Gene Simmons... that would have intrigued me enough to watch. Hmmmm... yup, this might do it too. Tyler is pretty much a mess, if what I hear of him lately is any indication of the truth. Darn you Idol, you win again.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
Posted 08/18/10
Oh boy, oh boy! A new Ratchet & Clank game is coming out and this one has co-op! Finally, the Mrs and I will be able to run around together and save the universe. Insomniac continues to put out great titles and I know that this one won't disappoint. Apparently, you can play co-op with friends over the network. Who wants to join in the fun? Dibs on playing as Quark.

Quiznos - Human Sandwich
Posted 08/10/10
One of the better ads I have seen these days. Ha! Oh, and yes, Quiznos is delicious.

Baby Julia - Day 4 Video
Posted 08/03/10
Just having fun with our new baby girl. Ain't she the sweetest? We had quite a long day with Julia and in the evening she perked up and came to life. We were having so much fun that we decided that we had to capture some of it on video (well, our Nikon 5000). More to come, no doubt, as we have our cameras pointed at our little one pretty much all the time. Hopefully we don't burn everyone out on material.

Ramona Falls - I Say Fever
Posted 07/28/10
"I Say Fever" - the first video from the Ramona Falls debut album Intuit. Directed by the ridiculously talented Stefan Nadelman, winner of a 2003 Sundance prize for his 22 minute film 'Terminal Bar', a prolific animator in the commericial field and the mastermind behind the Menomena Evil Bee video. Ramona Falls is Brent Knopf's first solo venture, but he has an extensive musical resume as part of trio Menomena (an indie rock band from Portland, OR, that's snagged plaudits from such tastemakers as Pitchfork Media and the New York Times.)

The Winnebago Man Trailer
Posted 07/23/10
We try to keep InfectedMedia as family friendly as possible. This one certainly falls outside those borders those. If you are opposed to profanity, or are watching with someone who is, please do NOT watch this clip. Additionally, probably NSFW. Same reason, lots of cursing All others, please enjoy. I know you'll probably get a chuckle. I've seen this guy on YouTube for years. Classic.

Beck - Happy Wednesday!
Posted 07/14/10
Katie posted this on FB and it just made my morning. Love Beck. Video is great too. I really wish I could pull off some of the outfits that his band is rockin'.

Pilot Handwriting
Posted 07/07/10
This is one of the coolest web apps that I have seen in some time. Basically, you can print out their type templates, draw your own characters, upload them to their site and create your own font that looks just like your handwriting. I'm not sure how well it can deal with glyphs but I guess I will have to go through the whole process to find out. Looking forward to it!

The Cross Stitch Movie
Posted 07/01/10
I was lucky enough to have a bit of extra time on my hands to help out a very close friend with a website that needed some love. Stacia Black is the writer & director and Matt Ferrone produced a great new short titled "The Cross-Stitch". Take a look at the movie's official site, which is linked below or at LEAST the trailer below. The film is absolutely beautiful and will, no doubt, be winning a slew of awards in countless festivals throughout the next year.

Airplane - 30th Birthday!
Posted 06/28/10
Wow, it's been 30 years since this gem came out. Truly, truly hysterical. I love this movie, always have. If you have the means, I suggest you take some time out of your busy week, pull out your old DVDs and take a laughing trip down memory lane. FROM IMDB: Joey: Wait a minute. I know you. You're Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. You play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. Roger Murdock: I'm sorry son, but you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Roger Murdock. I'm the co-pilot. Joey: You are Kareem. I've seen you play. My dad's got season tickets. Roger Murdock: I think you should go back to your seat now Joey. Right Clarence? Captain Oveur: Nahhhhhh, he's not bothering anyone, let him stay here. Roger Murdock: But just remember, my name is [showing his nametag] Roger Murdock: ROGER MURDOCK. I'm an airline pilot. Joey: I think you're the greatest, but my dad says you don't work hard enough on defense. [Kareem's getting mad] Joey: And he says that lots of times, you don't even run down court. And that you don't really try... except during the playoffs. Roger Murdock: The hell I don't. LISTEN KID. I've been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I'm out there busting my buns every night. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.

Taken By Storm
Posted 06/22/10
A new documentary is in the works about the most influential album artist in history. Trust me, probably 80% of the albums you own were designed by Storm Thorgerson (if you have good taste in music of course). This guy is truly a genius. I have linked the Kickstarter project so that you can donate to make sure this film gets completed. Love it! "Storm Thorgerson designed 80% of your record collection and has been called the sixth member of Pink Floyd. This film about his life is guided by the lovely notion that beauty and poetic discovery can send us back in time. Soundtracks, signed posters, and original artwork await you."

Sony E3 Presentation
Posted 06/16/10
Fun fun! Can't wait for some of these games. Most notably, so far, has to be Twisted Metal. Man, those have always been fun to play. You can watch the entire presentation here. I would have embedded the video here, but Gamespot's player has embed issues. Stupid Gamespot.

The Genius of Design - Ep1
Posted 06/15/10
Kai sent me a link to a very nice video from the BBC that discusses the true "art" of design and it's applications. Tremendous. Especially love the tid-bits about pottery. I need a kiln and a wheel! If you like what you see, you can follow it up with Episode 2. I will continue to add additional episodes as they become available. Check back often to follow along.

World Cup!
Posted 06/11/10
Soccer. This clip just kinda sums it up... especially after watching the France game today that ended in a tie of 0-0. Come ON!!!

Buffs Join Pac-10
Posted 06/10/10
Craziness. Looks like I might get some UCLA games in Colorado from now on (at least every other year or so). Super exciting! For more reading, you can check out another article I found on the LATimes website.

Karate Kid
Posted 06/10/10
Not sure why but I actually want to see this. Kinda. Love me some Jackie Chan.

Life Viewed At 1000 FPS
Posted 06/09/10
I stumbled across this reel, put together by Brain Farm Digital Cinema. It’s a very short piece, but fascinating to see such fleeting moments slowed down to 1000 frames per second in crisp detail. What appeals to me so much about these types of videos, is how they dissect a few seconds of life and show us what we’re missing, what we’re unable to see.

The Wizard of Westwood
Posted 06/04/10
Photo: John W. McDonough/SI I am deeply saddened by the passing of the great John Wooden. There has been so much said already by so many others about his values, his kindness, his teachings on and off the court that I don't think I need to go into that here. Everyone knows that his character was of the best kind. I would like to take a moment to thank "Coach" for bringing me and so many other loyal fans so much joy in the decades we saw you. I would like to thank him for being so influential to people on and off the court. I will never forget meeting him as a freshman after waiting for what seemed like hours in the line outside Ackerman to shake his hand and ask him to please coach for us again :-) It is, to this day, one of the highlights of my time at UCLA. I will also never forget how UCLA fans lit up when he made an entrance at any of the games.  What a legend! He will truly be missed by basketball fans and non-basketball fans alike. Thanks for all the memories Coach!

Lego Printer
Posted 06/02/10
This video seems to be pretty much everywhere today. Doesn't reduce the impression it had on me though. Super cool. I'd love to have a printer like this. Wouldn't you?

Gary Coleman
Posted 05/28/10
You'll be missed Gary. You filled my childhood with a lot of laughs. For that, thank you.

My Desk is 8-Bit
Posted 05/26/10
by alex varanese From Creator: "I recently found myself wondering what a video game might look like in the form of a stop motion animation. While a normal person's response to such a question would of course be "who gives a shit?" I possess few of the qualities typically associated with normalcy and was irrevocably compelled to find out. This is the result. Also, I'd like to think I'm the first person to be inspired by Michel Gondry AND R-Type on the same project." Pretty darn sweet if you ask me!

Posted 05/21/10
This is a short film that was directed by the French animation collective H5, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy + Ludovic Houplain. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2009. It opened the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and won a 2010 academy award under the category of animated short. Truly magnificent!

The Office: Woof!
Posted 05/21/10
This scene from last night's Office just about killed me. So good, I may just have to watch the whole episode over again. Hilarity! I'm definitely going to have to Woof! this post so that I can be notified via, well, everything!

My Time: Minus the Bear
Posted 05/18/10
I realize that I have already posted a music video for the single off of the new OMNI album. This new one, however, seems to be more of the official type. As you can probably tell, I can't really get enough of their music. Great stuff. For those of you who would like to get the new album, you can find a link to it here. If you want to get even more of their music, I highly recommend their Planet of Ice album which you can link to and listen to here.

Le Tigre - Deceptacon
Posted 05/13/10
Every once in awhile, I come across both musical and visual bliss in the form of a music video. This is a perfect example of one of those times. Thanks to Buzz for the link.

Pantone Plus Matching System
Posted 05/12/10
Description from linked page on Pantone today unveiled their new Pantone color matching system, Pantone Plus. The new system adds new colors, new tools and a new arrangement to make viewing colors in a range easier. The Pantone matching system is a valuable tool in any designers arsenal, and with these changes Pantone is hoping to remain on the cutting edge of color selection. The video features Pantone’s iPhone and iPad app, myPANTONE. One new useful addition is the inclusion of a light checking tool that ensures correct lighting for selecting colors as accurately as possibly. Check out the new Plus series at Pantone’s website.

The National: Bloodbuzz Ohio
Posted 05/11/10
The first video from the new album "High Violet". Purchase the album:

Roller Carousel
Posted 05/11/10
Karen at work sent me this little gem this morning. What a great way to start a Tuesday! I love it so much. I'm sure these guys thought it might start getting kinda fast, like the Tea Cups at Disneyland or something, and maybe get nauseous but I bet they weren't counting on this kind of ending! Tremendous! Roller Carousel!

Little Big Planet 2
Posted 05/10/10
Well, they finally announced the upcoming Little Big Planet 2. If the second one is anywhere as glorious as the 1st, I'm sure the Seybolds will have to pick up a copy later this year. Fun fun fun. Oh, and if you don't already have the first game, you should.

Starcraft II - Beta
Posted 05/07/10
OK folks, the beta for Starcraft is out and I'm wondering how everyone likes it. I'm sure it is beautiful but is it really something special? If it is, I could really use a beta key folks. Come on! *wink* *wink*!

Mike Patton's Mondo Cane
Posted 05/06/10
I'm really not sure what to make of this. Mike Patton, most notably of Faith No More fame has a new project. He is taking Italian classics and singing them behind a full orchestra. If that isn't your "WTF" moment of the week, I don't know what will be. Here is a description that I found on the linked page: Mike Patton of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom and Fantomas fame is back with his latest musical endeavor, Mondo Cane. Not one to rest on his laurels Patton has dived right into the Italian songbook of pop songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Backed by the grandiose sounds of a full 40-piece orchestra and singing completely in Italian, Patton makes the music of Ennio Morricone, Gino Paoli, Johnny Mathis and more entirely his own. The title of the album is in reference to the notorious 1962 Italian shocumentary Mondo Cane and the translation is “the world is a dog”, appropriately fitting for a release bearing the Patton name.

Starcraft II Campaign
Posted 04/26/10
I came across this video showing some of the details on Blizzard's upcoming release. This game is going to do anything but suck. The bigger question is do I have the clicking prowess still with me? I doubt it.

Toy Story 3
Posted 04/22/10
Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Can't wait to see the new creation from Pixar. I've always loved the Toy Story animations and I'm sure this one won't let me down either. Check out the trailer to see what is in store for the gang.

SP 2010 Speaker - Jessica Hische
Posted 04/21/10
Found a great video showcasing one of the Semi-Permanent speakers, thanks to Kenzo, that really got the creative juices flowing. I, by no means, am anywhere in the same realm as a girl like this but I love to see stuff like this. It is very empowering and, well, just rad. What beautiful work this girl does on a regular basis. Take a look at a sampler of some of the recent type specimens she has created below. Image courtesy of

Baby Room Update
Posted 04/19/10
Had quite a big weekend getting ready for the little one. We started by tackling the baby room beginning with a fresh paint job. After weeks of deliberating on color choices, we finalized on two shades of green. As we are waiting to be surprised by if we are going to be having a little boy or little girl, we were somewhat stuck with either green or yellow for the theme color. We weren't really psyched on the yellows that we found so green seemed to make the most sense. The video has a hard time conveying the colors but trust me, the room looks awesome. It all went a little further after I put the crib together (one of the most exciting things I have ever done). It is gorgeous, isn't it? We are just so happy how well everything is coming together. We need to put up some pictures and add some little polishes to the overall room theme but you can really start to see where it is going. Woohoo! Babies!

Alice for the iPad
Posted 04/14/10
I really do think that this is pretty cool. Think of all the learning possiblities here for kids. Want to see engaged readers? This is one way to really get the ball rolling. And just think, the iPad has only been out for a couple weeks! FROM CPLUV: "Tilt your iPad to make Alice grow big as a house, or shrink to just six inches tall. This is Alice in Wonderland digitally remastered for the iPad. Play with the White Rabbit's pocket watch - it realistically swings and bounces. Help Alice swim through a Pool of Tears. Or hand out sweets that bounce and collide with the magical talking Dodo."

Sketchbook Pro for iPad
Posted 04/09/10
I have seen a lot of apps for the new iPad. Nothing gets me more excited about the new platform and it's capabilities than an app call Sketchbook. Imagine being an art student with a tool like this. I don't think I would do anything but doodle and play with this amazing tool. Check it out in this video. The link goes to a Wired article highlighting 15 apps that are "must-haves" for new iPad owners. I'm not sure about all of them for me but am certainly wowed by most.

Muppet Friday
Posted 04/02/10
What better way to welcome the weekend in than with the Muppets signing "Stand by Me"? I can't think of a better way either. Enjoy! Oh, and Happy Easter!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii
Posted 03/29/10
This movie clip from the 1985 movie "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" is one of the most random I have ever seen. I may have to pick this up in the 99¢ bin. If I did, I would certainly be overpaying. Thanks to Sliozis for finding the IMDB page. Check out some of those CLASSIC quotes!

Posted 03/16/10
For your daily dose of "that's awesome". * Thanks to JFreeze for the link.

Minus the Bear - My Time
Posted 03/09/10
Minus the Bear has a new album coming out May 4th and I, for one, can't wait to get my hands on it. Check out this little music video and get to lovin' it. Also notable is that they are touring around soon. Wish they were coming to Denver. Jerks.

Google Chrome
Posted 03/09/10
I think I might be a convert to Google's new browser. I just love it. Fast, secure, better CSS compatibility, etc. I highly recommend it to those out there not happy with their current browsers. I'm looking sternly at you, IE users.

God of War III
Posted 03/08/10
Spolier alert! If you just don't care and want to see the amazing visuals and gameplay, by all means, go ahead and play this video review from Gamespot. Truly amazing. Can't wait to get my grips on this game. If it is even close to the first two games, I'm going to be satisfied.

Graphic Masterpieces of Type
Posted 02/23/10
I know what I want to spend my next paycheck on now that I have come across this beautiful book on I Love Typography's website. Gimme, gimme, gimme! Take a look at the linked page and look at how wonderfully architected all of his fonts were. Truly spectacular! “Drawing on the archive of his son, this splendid large-format volume features exclusive and previously unpublished works and documents from the famous Russian Constructivist Yakov Chernikhov. Some 60 tables of typefaces, 50 drawings and sketches, 200 ornaments, as well as diary excerpts and photos from the private family album make this book an exceptional, historical record of Chernikhov's work and ideas.”

Dolphin Bubbles
Posted 02/23/10
Amazing! “Watch the dolphins at SeaWorld Orlandos Dolphin Cove as they artfully create and play with underwater bubble rings and hear what SeaWorlds trainers, educators and guests have to say about this fun and fascinating behavior.”

The Bloom Box
Posted 02/22/10
“Those two blocks can power the average high-consumption American home -- one block can power the average European home. At least that's the claim being made by K.R. Sridhar, founder of Bloom Energy, on 60 Minutes last night. The original technology comes from an oxygen generator meant for a scrapped NASA Mars program that's been converted, with the help of an estimated $400 million in private funding, into a fuel cell. Bloom's design feeds oxygen into one side of a cell while fuel (natural gas, bio gas from landfill waste, solar, etc) is supplied to the other side to provide the chemical reaction required for power. The cells themselves are inexpensive ceramic disks painted with a secret green "ink" on one side and a black "ink" on the other. The disks are separated by a cheap metal alloy, instead of more precious metals like platinum, and stacked into a cube of varying capabilities -- a stack of 64 can power a small business like Starbucks.”

Free, Essential Mac Apps
Posted 02/17/10
A nice list of FREE apps for everyone in love with their mac. I have pretty much all of these in the list. Trust me, they are all great. Ugh, I hate the CNET embeddable video player. Sorry for that. Too many ever-present controls. Haven't we learned that all controls for online videos should be user initiated? Take note from Vimeo or YouTube.

Pelican Attacks Weatherman
Posted 02/17/10
This is just too funny. I think the weatherman was enjoying the attack a little too much. Funny, funny.

Neutra Face: A Musical Typeface
Posted 02/12/10
Wow, this was almost TOO much but I had to post it because I really have to support my designer friends out there. One of those "hard to watch all the way through" videos. Yikes. * Thanks to Stacia for finding this for me.

The Muppets: Beaker's Ballad
Posted 02/09/10
Wow, I am feeling crappy today with a head/chest cold. When hearing of what a rough day I was having, codechemist sent me a link that turned my mopey attitude right around. Who doesn't love Beaker from The Muppets? Nobody, that's who! Thanks codechemist!

Bishock 2
Posted 02/08/10
We are back folks! The amazing experience that was Bioshock has returned with it's sequel this week and if you are like me and my friends, you are fired up! “Ten years after the events of BioShock, Rapture is now in the hands of the sinister Sofia Lamb, whose collectivist ideals directly clash with her predecessor’s guiding principles. As the prototype Big Daddy, you awaken without any knowledge or understanding of what has happened in Rapture since you were put into stasis--your only desire is to find the Little Sister with whom you bonded. Defend your underwater utopia from Sofia and her army of Big Sisters or take the fight online in multiplayer modes set during the fall of Rapture.” Check out Gamespot's launch center for everything that you wanted to know about this week's big release. Would you kindly?

News Radio
Posted 02/02/10
I really do miss this great show. Truly a classic... and now on HULU! Actually, I think that the old episodes have been there for some time now but still! Check out this great clip with a super young looking Jon Stewart.

20 Years of Photoshop
Posted 02/02/10
This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Adobe product that literally changed my life. I think that I first started tinkering around with Photoshop when it was in it's 3rd iteration which was around 1995. From that moment, I loved how artistic I could be without using traditional methods. I have many fond memories playing around with brushes, colors and it's newest feature, LAYERS with Dan on my Apple 6300! Through many iterations of the program (I am currently rocking CS4), I have remained thankful for the awesome tool that has been enriching my work and creativity. I could go on and on about Photoshop but I won't. That last thing people want is for someone to get mushy about a piece of software, right? Instead, I will point you off to a great article about the history of Photoshop. For super PS nerds, I have included a video with one of the creators who gives a nice interview on it's history. Enjoy!

Posted 01/27/10
A very cool tool that takes all the clutter that bombards us on a regular basis and leaves us with the content we want. Nice and digestible. Thank you arc90, this is great stuff.

Helvetica Cookie Cutters
Posted 01/25/10
Came across this little ditty today and got quite a kick out of it. For all those type nerds out there who want to extend their fanaticism to their baking, this might just fit the bill.

Conan Says Goodbye
Posted 01/25/10
Conan had his last show with NBC last Friday. It was a good show and I'm truly bummed that he will be leaving. You'll be missed Conan, you rule the late night.

Haiti: 360º
Posted 01/22/10
From CNN, this is a crazy way to immerse users into an experience. I have been fascinated with Google's 360º maps for years. THIS is taking the technology a step further. Very cool (technology) yet tragic (subject matter).

Sawyer Pierce, The Shap Show
Posted 01/21/10
My man Sawyer bringin' the house down. What a STUD!

Diablo 3 Teaser Trailer
Posted 01/14/10
I don't know about you fools, but this game has me excited. When watching this trailer, I wasn't sure if I was watching something from Lord of the Rings or what. Amazing stuff. It will be fantastic.

Addition Subtraction
Posted 01/13/10
Came across some amazing motion graphic work by a guy named Robert Hodgin. This stuff is truly remarkable. I have posted one of his newest works above and a link to his project page for this work. If you would like to see more of his Vimeo works, you can visit this link to see a whole bunch of greatness. Enjoy! Highly recommended works include Older Magnetosphere/Turbulence/Nebula render, Weird Fishes: Arpeggi, and Magnetosphere/Nebula.

Michael Jackson Tribute
Posted 01/12/10
Michael Jackson Medley - Brett Domino - AX Synth KeytarPretty much the best thing I have ever seen. This guy RULES! Thanks to Fillup for the link.

Dear Mr. Watterson
Posted 01/07/10
I just found my SECOND favorite Kickstarter project today when I was poking around on their site (my favorite, of course, being Make a New CD with The Quiet. I am extremely tempted to donate to this project as I can't think of another book series (I know it's a comic) that spoke to me as a kid and gives me fond memories to this day like all of the Calvin & Hobbes classics.

Coors Drive
Posted 12/22/09
Well, we finally moved into our new house in Golden, CO. Check it out with this wonky walkthrough that I filmed yesterday. Hopefully you'll get an idea of why we fell in love with it so fast.

Posted 12/16/09
A nice podcast for web designers and developers. I especially like it as their most recent episode speaks to whitespace.

1 Year Ago Today
Posted 12/14/09
My Dad died a year ago today. As much as I miss him I still get by remembering all of the great times that we had together. I can only hope that my kids some day think so fondly of their time with me.

Pandemic Studios Says Goodbye
Posted 11/24/09
Last week Electronic Arts put a bullet in the head of Pandemic Studios, putting many of their 200 staff out of work a week before Thanksgiving. Today Pandemic ex-staffers let EA know how they feel. Maybe the publisher should be happy that all they lost was a printer in the mass firings of developers skilled at making games with destructible environments.

Jason Segel Sings
Posted 11/19/09
Actor Jason Segel (of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" fame) performing an original song, with The Swell Season, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA. Nov 18, 2009 Here's how this happened... The band was at a restaurant in Los Angeles; drinking tea, when they were offered a bottle of wine by two celebrities. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Now The Swell Season has been enjoying watching their "Freaks & Geeks" DVDs while on tour, so this was a nice coincidence. They became good acquaintances, so The Swell Season asked Jason Segel to be a surprise guest and sing a song for us. Wasn't this too cool?

Google Wave
Posted 11/14/09
Found a nice video (very long and thorough) on Google Wave. I know there are a lot of people out there that don't know a lot about the upcoming Google product. This should give some insight on what they are working on.

Effective Uses of Typography
Posted 11/06/09
Some really tasty examples of typography used on websites. I love coming across lists like this. Very inspiring, very enlightening. Go check out the list for yourself and get yo-self inspired too! *Thanks, again, to Smashing Magazine for finding this beauty of a link.

Art & Copy
Posted 09/30/09
I really want to see this. Might be tough as there are limited screenings. If it is in your area, check it out.

Project Icarus
Posted 09/21/09
A couple of MIT students launched a balloon with a camera attached to the height of 17.5 miles. Pretty freaking cool and super inexpensive nowadays with readily available technology like digital cameras, GPS, and tracking software. Totally makes me want to go out and do something similar.

Everybody Loves Sketch
Posted 09/17/09
Truly amazing. I want this. Would be so great for conceptual drawing.

Jeff's Last Show
Posted 09/14/09
My buddy Jeff played his last Quiet show last Saturday and it was fantastic. Andy and I traveled out to Hollywood to watch the festivities and scored when they decided to end the show with a personal favorite of mine, "He's Just a Friend" by Biz Markie. Great song, great cover, great band. We'll miss you on stage Hef!

Cobra Kai
Posted 09/10/09
Kathy's new national skydiving team is now called Cobra Kai. I think it is just hilarious as they chant "Sweep the Leg" and "Strike First, Strike Hard, SHOW NO MERCY". It is all just great. To add to their fun, I have recommended amazing Joe Esposito song You're the Best Around. I'm hoping they play it in their team room and right before jumps. Hilarious! Additionally, I think they need these shirts, right?

Parents Stalk Kids on Internet
Posted 09/03/09
I love the Onion. Hilarious.

Rock Band: Radiohead Edition
Posted 09/03/09
With the newest release of a Beatles themed Rock Band on the horizon and the possibility that it will make a bajillion dollars, Harmonix decided to call on other bands to do themed experiences. Newly announced, Rock Band: Radiohead!

LA Fires Suck
Posted 08/31/09
I go away for a few days and come back to this. Jeez! Cali is afire!

Time Lapse Design
Posted 08/27/09
"After working on the latest cover for Macworld Magazine, Peter Belanger decided to show what is involved in making a cover, focusing on the three main areas: photography, photoshop and design." Very cool, I would say.

Gob's Suits
Posted 08/26/09
Man, I really miss this show. Brilliant! COME ON!

Encyclopedia of Typefaces
Posted 08/25/09
Came across a new site that is pretty interesting for type gurus out there. Typedia is a community-driven encyclopedia of typefaces and educational materials. As not all fonts can be found in one location currently, this might be a solution once enough material has been uploaded. Thanks to Kenzo for the headsup.

Ian Pfaff's Demo Reel
Posted 08/20/09
Hahah! I wish I had a video project that I could hire this guy for. Brilliant. *Not real kiddie friendly for language and "props".

Ratchet & Clank Future
Posted 08/20/09
Oh my! My favorite video game series is coming out with a new offering. Check out what I'm all giddy about. Can't wait!

Cool Guys & Explosions
Posted 08/19/09
Totally worth the watch. Especially love when Will comes into the picture as Neil Diamond.

Type Daily
Posted 08/17/09
Wow, I just came across a typography, font and lettering news aggregator. For all you type nerds out there, this is definitely worth a visit and a bookmark. I'm already getting lost in the levels of type knowledge.

TomTom iPhone App Released
Posted 08/17/09
TomTom has released it's application that lets you navigate via GPS with your iPhone. I've always been a fan of TomTom (even without owning one). Now, with $99 I could hook it up to my iPhone and have all the same tools available in a $400 unit. Yaaaay!

Sand Painting
Posted 08/13/09
Kseniya Simonova won “Ukraine’s Got Talent” by telling stories through pictures she drew in sand. A whole bunch of awesome.

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
Posted 08/11/09
This band is really growing on me. Super kooky, but catchy too. What an amazing fan-vid was made here by Gabe Askew. Nice work.

Love Hurts
Posted 08/11/09
Got me to giggle a bit more than I was expecting.

San Francisco Skydive Video
Posted 08/05/09
Here is a very early cut of Kathy's skydive earlier today. If anyone in the Bay Area has the means, please record any footage you might find tonight and get it to me somehow. Channel 4 news will be your best bet as Kathy was interviewed for it there. Thanks!

Vintage Logos
Posted 07/31/09
A cool collection of vintage logos from a mid-70's edition of the book World of Logotypes.

Impressive Aquarium
Posted 07/29/09
Wow, now THAT is a fishcam! Looks like it might be time to upgrade, eh?

The Wedge - Newport Beach
Posted 07/29/09
I grew up in this area and used to go watch guys with huge cajones attack the super-shore-break Wedge. It is something to behold when the south swell kicks in and starts throwing huge reflection waves off of the jetty.

Red Rabbit
Posted 07/28/09
Very cool video. Sometimes I wish I had stuck with 3D.

Tron Legacy (2010) Trailer
Posted 07/27/09
MMMMmmmm... Tron. This actually looks pretty amazing. Although, I still think the original film looks amazing. Will this movie live up to the rediculous expectations it will most certainly gain? Only time will tell.

Rockband: The Beatles
Posted 07/24/09
If this intro to the upcoming game for The Beatles: Rockband is any indication of how great the game will be, sign me up. Where's my wallet?

11 iPhone Apps for Designers
Posted 07/24/09
Some really cool apps in here from a typography manual, color picker to sketchpad. Very cool stuff. Everyone loves type, right?

Best Wedding Entrance Ever
Posted 07/23/09
Title speaks for itself. Check it out!

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Posted 07/23/09
I'm almost positive this will become a game. It should cause wow, it looks awesome! I want it for the visuals AND the music. So good! If anyone has any further info on this, please let me know. Thanks for finding Fitz.

Stephen Colbert & ACORN
Posted 07/22/09
Colbert Grills ACORN's Bertha Lewis on Census, Sexual Partners

Free Starbucks Pastry
Posted 07/21/09
Starbucks is giving away a free pastry with the purchase of a beverage. Pastry types include muffins, scones, bagels, croissants, rolls, breads, pund cakes, morning bun, coffeecakes, cheese danish, apple fritter, doughnuts, tarts, pies, and more! Get moving though, it's only good today until 10:30am.

The Killers "Spaceman"
Posted 07/15/09
A studio made a music video in Little Big Planet. Very cool textures and shapes. Oh, great song too. Very nicely done Pretty Monkey Studio. Thanks to Kenzo for finding.Their site has some other really nice work as well.

Post-It Love
Posted 07/14/09
This is just great. Thank you youtube! Not sure if this is an ad for Post-It or not but it sure should be, don't you think?

Between Two Ferns
Posted 07/14/09
A classic interview with Natalie Portman. This guy is too much. A definite must watch for anyone that enjoyed The Hangover. If you like the clip, I definitely suggest you watch the rest of the collection over at Funny or Die. They are all classic.

Sour (Hibi no Neiro)
Posted 07/10/09
A really, really cool music video type thing. Definitely worth a watch. I seriously would hate to be in charge of logistically getting this thing to happen. Nuts! Also mad props to the video editor(s).

On Any Sunday
Posted 07/09/09
I found out they are showing On Any Sunday on Hulu and figured I had to share. Definitely worth a watch (if you are motorcycle folks). Enjoy! Also, how great is it that you can embed video from Hulu?

MJ Live Stream
Posted 07/07/09
For all of you that want to watch the tribute and all the rest that want to watch a trainwreck

Periodic Table of Type
Posted 03/10/09
This is just great. Well, it is great if you are a type nerd. To the rest of you that don't care, you should. This is great stuff.

Posted 11/12/08
Haha, call me a lame designer but this type of humor cracks me up. Awesome.

Great Typography
Posted 07/08/08
Why am I so enamored with type? Because of poster like this. Truly beautiful.

Posted 09/18/07
Web Safe Typography on Screen for Pixel Perfectionists. Very useful for web designers.

Music Releases
Posted 08/11/05
Notable releases for this week are as follows, get your wallets ready...Hopesfall A Types, King's X Live All Over the Place, A Perfect Circle eMOTIVe, Queensrÿche Tribe.

Typographic Book Search
Posted 07/12/05
This is just too rad. Who comes up with rad stuff like this? I could play around with this tool all day... and I might just!

Get Your Daily Type
Posted 05/31/05
A very cool site all about type. Get your type on. Do it!

Posted 03/18/05
This game is totally fun! It's basically a marble madness type deal except you can jump and you can also make the ball sticky so that you can execute sharp turns or stick to walls that you leapt onto and then crawl up them, etc. Awesome stuff!

Default Font Size
Posted N/A
The problem with small font sizes on the web is that...

Apple Fonts
Posted N/A
A lil' sumfin' for all you type/apple nerds.

Helvetica vs. Arial
Posted N/A
Beat Microsoft's inferior font to the ground in this head to head deathmatch. Good fun for all type dorks.

Type Casting
Posted N/A
How do you choose your type for your projects? Here is a nice article about the process.

Posted N/A
Type of the day from Kenzo. A very tasty font from Emigre called Tarzana. I wish I had super powers that let me get fonts for free. That may sound weak, but it ISN'T so BACK OFF!

Type of the Day
Posted N/A
A great free font. You may be asking yourself, "does free cost anything?" Nope! Go get it. Here is the promo.

Raphael Boguslav
Posted N/A
Amazing logotype, package design and hand lettering.

Music Lover Loves U
Posted N/A
Found this sweet program today. You type in bands that you like and then it recommends bands that you might want to try and has convenient links for looking for more info via google, amazon, Rolling Stone and iTunes Music store. Works great from what I've tried! Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a web site dedicated to the program at the moment so I have to point the link below to the version tracker listing. :-(

Indie Fonts 2
Posted N/A
Indie Fonts 2 is the catalog for Independent type foundries such as Atomic Media, Underware, YouWorkForThem and many others.

New Stereotypes
Posted N/A
The new issue is out and is funny as ever. NS is always a good place for laughs. Enjoy. If you have a spare moment email the admins and tell them how much you love the design.

"Hurry Lisa, monkeys!"
Posted N/A
As the saying goes, an infinte number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters given an infinite amount of time would eventually recreate the works of Shakespeare. See how 6 monkeys with a computer did in a month.

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