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Hexels: Settlers of Catan Magnets?
Posted 01/16/13
There are certainly quite a few Kickstarter projects that I want to support. This one stuck out to me for a number of reasons. Catan is an AWESOME board game. If you don't already own it, I highly recommend it. So great! The problem that this project points out is certainly viable. The board, like most board games that have loose pieces making up a board, tends to not stay together. This is exceptionally true in a heated battle! After reading this you might think I'm one of the folks forking over $35 for a set of 19 tiles. NOPE! I'm cheap, baby! And pieces moving isn't a dealbreaker for fun.

Construction Update!
Posted 06/11/12
The yard is coming along nicely and we have been having quite a bit of fun with it. We can't wait to see the end result. For now, we are just going to play around with the heavy machinery that is on hand to get the job done.

True Cost of an iPhone
Posted 04/11/12
This is the coolest thing you'll see today: an infographic about how much it costs to manufacture an iPhone. As you scroll down the infographic, which was designed by Glen Newcomer and Madeline Harris, slowly uncovers every bit of what it takes it create an iPhone. It starts off with how much Apple spends on design and how much money the company has actually made on the product. Then, we go through the whole process of how the iPhone is made from the ground up--literally, as the iPhone is made with material called Coltan, which is used in electronics for its heat-resistance abilities. The end of the info graphic ends on the message that you can do things to ensure you're not being wasteful with your fancy device. Once you're ready to upgrade to the next one, it suggests that you sell your own iPhone to a friend, find an e-waste recycler near you, or skip the next generation. - MacLife

Nike: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Rafa Nadal
Posted 04/03/12
Two of the world's biggest athletes go head-to-head in a battle of explosive speed. On-court, Rafael Nadal's supremacy is almost unrivalled. But against Cristiano Ronaldo and the new Mercurial Vapor VIII, he faces a challenge like never before.

3D Drawing Machine
Posted 02/29/12
"Vision is a rather unique 3D drawing device created by twins Ryan & Trevor Oakes, allowing almost anyone to draw images in perfect perspective using nothing but your eyes and a pen. The device MESSES WITH YOUR BRAIN by using a technique that splits the ocular system, creating two images of the subject, allowing the artist to literally trace one directly onto paper. You really need to watch the video to get a clear idea of how it works, and there’s also some rather touching remarks about the nature of the twins relationship."

The Restart Page
Posted 02/13/12
A tribute to some of the most prominent restart screens from several different operating systems. Some of these really take me back to my nerd youth. Makes me really wish I still had my old IIGs and another machine running OS9. That'd be sweet!

Smart E-Book Interface
Posted 01/23/12
Pretty sweet. Think if you could flip through your eBooks like this? Would almost be like, dare I say it, a REAL book! (Go out to your local library, people. Books rule). Cool tech though!

Danny Macaskill Can Ride a Bike
Posted 08/16/11
What I should have titled the post is "Danny Macaskill is a Crazy Nutter That Can Ride Better Than Anyone" but I have a bit of a size restraint... sorry. Anyways, check out this guy. It especially gets amazing around 2:45 into the vid.

Awesome Cookies
Posted 08/11/11
As much as I love cookies, I don't think that I have the stomach to eat these amazing pieces of sweet work. Man, seeing these makes me hungry, thirsty, and want to watch the Big Lebowski. TRIPLE THREAT!

6 Months of Julia
Posted 01/30/11
Today marks 6 months that we have been blessed with our daughter, Julia. She has been nothing short of the best thing that has ever happened to us. She continues to amaze us and make our hearts swoon. Thank you Honey for being so radical. Thank you also to Kathy, the best Mom I could have ever dreamed of for my family. Linked is a photo gallery of Julia's last 6 months. Consider it a "Greatest Hits".

iCade Returns!
Posted 01/09/11
In April of last year, I was fooled (yes, April fooled) into believing that a cool product that mimicked a stand up arcade for the iPad was on the way. I was sad, upset and dumbfounded that the brilliant idea was in fact fiction. Turns out that many other people were too. So many people thought that it was such a good idea that it is now an actual product. Happy Day! I just hope that they aren't fooling me again. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... fool me... fool me once, can't fool me again."

Thoughts On Flash
Posted 05/02/10
A great little article by Apple's Steve Jobs about the Flash fight of late. He goes through why he thinks that Flash is less-than-ideal for macs and the future of computing. Very interesting read... especially for Mac nerds and anyone w/ a mobile web browsing device.

The Bloom Box
Posted 02/22/10
“Those two blocks can power the average high-consumption American home -- one block can power the average European home. At least that's the claim being made by K.R. Sridhar, founder of Bloom Energy, on 60 Minutes last night. The original technology comes from an oxygen generator meant for a scrapped NASA Mars program that's been converted, with the help of an estimated $400 million in private funding, into a fuel cell. Bloom's design feeds oxygen into one side of a cell while fuel (natural gas, bio gas from landfill waste, solar, etc) is supplied to the other side to provide the chemical reaction required for power. The cells themselves are inexpensive ceramic disks painted with a secret green "ink" on one side and a black "ink" on the other. The disks are separated by a cheap metal alloy, instead of more precious metals like platinum, and stacked into a cube of varying capabilities -- a stack of 64 can power a small business like Starbucks.”

Free, Essential Mac Apps
Posted 02/17/10
A nice list of FREE apps for everyone in love with their mac. I have pretty much all of these in the list. Trust me, they are all great. Ugh, I hate the CNET embeddable video player. Sorry for that. Too many ever-present controls. Haven't we learned that all controls for online videos should be user initiated? Take note from Vimeo or YouTube.

Mac Bootable Repair Drive
Posted 12/02/09
"It's a good idea to have a strategy in place in case of emergencies. If your hard drive tosses you errors, behaves badly or doesn't even appear, what to do? If programs crash at random, you need to be ready. You can prepare for this by creating a bootable flash drive containing some diagnostic and repair utilities."This tutorial shows you how to do it. Very fascinating. I may have to put one of these together for my own use.

Time Lapse Design
Posted 08/27/09
"After working on the latest cover for Macworld Magazine, Peter Belanger decided to show what is involved in making a cover, focusing on the three main areas: photography, photoshop and design." Very cool, I would say.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Posted 07/23/09
I'm almost positive this will become a game. It should cause wow, it looks awesome! I want it for the visuals AND the music. So good! If anyone has any further info on this, please let me know. Thanks for finding Fitz.

There I Fixed It
Posted 06/29/09
Hilarious photos of people fixing their everyday problems their own way. Some get very MacGyver-ish.

AT&T Policy Issues
Posted 06/19/09
I really have had some issues with AT&T in the last few years. I love my iPhone, but the carrier I am forced to use pretty much blows on all policy fronts. Today, I hear news of more reasons for everyone to throw mud their way.

Blue Screen of Death
Posted 05/01/09
A survival guide to all of those messages you hate to see. Fine... I'll say it again. Just get a mac to avoid owning a problem filled, problem factory.

The Battle of Fart Apps
Posted 02/19/09
There is an abundance of apps in the iTunes store. Some are great, some are not so much and some that just make you wonder. There are apps in every category... EVERY category. To me, this is great. If I think it would be great to have an app that uses the tilt control to turn my phone into a level, I know I can find it (and have). Really, I've said it before and I'll say it again. iPhones are the greatest things ever.

Bill Gates
Posted 06/25/08
Quite a funny read for any mac-loving computer user out there. I love reading how even the leader of Microsoft can't figure out how to use their own stuff.

Machine Girl Trailer
Posted 12/14/07
This is by far the craziest movie trailer I have ever seen. Def need to not be offended by gratuitous blood and violence to proceed to link. Wow. Go machine girl.

Posted 11/07/07
Ok, so you all know that it isn't often that I complain about Apple so this will be a very, very rare rant. iPhoto, one of the iLife suite applications has become one of my most hated programs. It is a great program in spirit but the performance is crappy at best. I have around 3,000 photos in my library, which isn't that big at all and I have a super powerful Intel Mac. Come On!! It takes forever to scroll, resize or do anything in that program and if it is open, the rest of my apps perform crappy too.Bottom line, I don't know what you have to do Apple but get on it. I'm too used to you guys serving gold to be satisfied with the current state of your photo management software.

Mac OS Leopard
Posted 10/16/07
It's COMING!! Check out the countdown timer. Oh boy! Gimme gimme gimme!

Apple Event - Sept 5
Posted 08/30/07
I love the announcement of these Apple events. It always means that something awesome is coming and by the sound of it, it may be in the form of new iPods. Only time will tell.

Ozzfest for no $$$
Posted 02/07/07
Amazing. Ozzfest will be payed for, in it's entirety, by sponsorship deals. I somewhat grimaced at the idea of moshing next to "The Noid" and "Ronald McDonald" but hey, I'll deal, if the show is actually free to all of the fans. Truly revolutionary, I hope they can actually pull this off. Ozzy, you have retaken your thrown as coolest guy I can't understand. Sorry Keith Richards, Ozzy wants his scepter back.

802.11n Enabler
Posted 01/30/07
Along with today's iPod Shuffle line additions, Apple has released the promised 802.11n Enabler for compatible Macs.I'm a little confused by this. Does this mean that my existing Airport Base Station is capable of transmitting this new advanced wireless capability? If so, that is fantastic. Oh, and why does it cost $1.99? What is that all about?

From a PC?
Posted 10/31/06
This might be the first time I have ever been happy about posting from a PC laptop. Why is that you ask? Well, it is because it is also my new MacBook Pro which is rocking bootcamp so I can start up in Windows XP if I ever feel like it. Phaaaaaaat! This machine rules.

.mac to Update
Posted 09/29/06
"Earlier this week Apple announced that a new version of webmail for Mac users is “coming soon.” There was a bit of chatter about this around the blogosphere, with most people concluding that this fresh coat of paint on the inferior .mac product is a bit of a yawn."Well, I think it is neat... what do you think?

New BIG iMacs
Posted 09/06/06
iMacs now have the Intel Core 2 Duo chips in them. Woohoo! If that weren't enough to report on, Apple is also offering a new 24" version for those of you who love a lot of screen real estate like me. Wow!

Mac Pro and Leopard
Posted 08/07/06
Lots of exciting news from Apple today at WWDC. From the new Mac Pro to Leopard, there are too many cool things to talk about here, so just head over to Apple's web site to check them all out!

Cleaning w/ Ice!
Posted 06/13/06
Dry ice blasting uses compressed air to shoot dry ice pellets to clean in a way similar to sandblasting, but with some major differences. It can clean heavy duty machinery, yet can be gentle enough to clean books. Weird link for me, eh?

Supreme Commander
Posted 05/24/06
Man, this is my kind of game. Can't wait for this one to come out. Like Command and Conquer but on steroids. Oh, I'll need a machine that can play it too.

Virtual XP
Posted 04/06/06
Want a different solution than that introduced by Apple yesterday? A company has just announced a virtual environment for XP on your intel-based mac.

XP on a Mac
Posted 04/05/06
BIG announcement from the Apple camp today. Now with a intel-based mac you can run NATIVELY Windows XP. Just select it at start up and bam! Mac fans rejoice. Mac game-lovers faint.

Need a Good Laugh?
Posted 03/30/06
This'll do lad. Nothing says funny like a bunch of people getting smacked in the face by an assortment of balls.

Transmit 3.5
Posted 02/16/06
The best FTP app for the mac has just gotten even better. Check out what is new on their shiny product page.

Posted 02/06/06
Check this cool hack about some guy that put a mac mini in a macintosh. Good times.

MacBook Pro
Posted 01/12/06
GIMME! Check out the new Apple laptops, now with Intel chips! Oh, good grief do these look tasty or what? Also for you non-laptop folks out there, check out the iMac. There is something for everyone!

Intel No Longer Inside
Posted 01/03/06
Intel has a new logo and brand campaign. Just in time to unveil the new Intel Macs?

Apple II Forever
Posted 12/28/05
Wow, was listening to the IMG Podcast and heard some old mac promo ads that are just the best things on the planet. Check this one out for the Apple 2.

Formerly Known as...
Posted 12/08/05
Go check out the old Macromedia site. There is a funny new icon at the top left of the page. Viva Adobe!

A/M Bundles
Posted 12/06/05
Two new bundles were recently announced by Adobe that include a combination of software packages from it and it's newly aquired Macromedia. Gimme the Web Design package please. It is like getting Studio 8 as a bonus if you buy the Creative Suite.

Dang Expensive
Posted 10/27/05
I was on Apple's store website today and thought I would have some fun by creating the uber-mac. This mac was comprised of the new Quad-core processor, 16GB of ram, a TB of hard drive space... basically the best they offer. The price tag? Just a shade over 23 K... Wowza'!

New Apple G5s
Posted 10/19/05
The Power Mac G5 Dual and Power Mac G5 Quad introduce dual-core PowerPC processors, a modern PCI Express architecture, and wicked-fast workstation graphics... I'm still gonna wait for Intel-based macs personally but am stoked that Apple has again released something new... this company is on FIRE!

Posted 10/18/05
If you have been looking for an XML/RSS feed for this site and just don't know how you are going to make it through another day without one, we have good news for you. If you check out the link below, you will be served an xml page that you can import into your favorite rss program. If you are on a mac, lucky you! Safari has a RSS viewer built right in. Woohoo!

New Products!
Posted 10/14/05
Well, this isn't exactly new news but I had to make a post about it anyways. At a recent media event, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs announced major upgrades to the popular iMac and large iPods. Last but not least, iTunes is mucho better now. The iMac is beefier (performance-wise), skinnier, has a remote for couch browsing.The iPod now supports video, AWESOME! Not only are we talking about music videos, Apple announced a partnership with ABC so that you can now download certain TV show episodes. More toys, oh joy!

... Follow Up
Posted 10/05/05
Ok, so this is day 2 in my hell. I can now start up my laptop. All seems well for about 10 minutes before things start to slow down and seize up. The hard drive at this point makes a clicking sound and you can't do squat. So, I can then shut it down, let it cool off and start over. This is working nicely for backing up all of my software, I have almost eveything off now. Now I have to take my machine back to Apple and let them fix it. 10 DAYS! AHHH! Oh well, I'm just glad I got everything off. Lessons learned are... 1. Backup your data daily and 2. Get Applecare on any machine you buy, especially a laptop.

Delicious Interview
Posted 09/23/05
An awesome interview with one of the co-creators of Delicious Library, Wil Shipley. DL is one of the best looking and just straight up coolest apps on the mac this year.

Mac Rumors
Posted 08/24/05
Analysts say that Apple may very well buy 40% or Samsung's Flash Chips to support their new flash-based iPod Mini...

Studio 8
Posted 08/12/05
Yummy... gimme. I especially am happy with how they are adding more and more features for embedded video in flash files. Cool!

Our New "Ambassador"
Posted 08/01/05
Is your name John or Dick?

Music You Gotta Know
Posted 08/01/05
Unsure of what to listen to today? Well, I put iTunes on full random and came up with a super gem. The Final Cut is one of Pink Floyd's greatest albums (right up there w/ Dark Side for me). So if you need a great start to this Monday... get to listening... if you don't already own this musical wonder, scrape together 10 bucks and get to purchasing.

Garners Classics
Posted 07/21/05
Found some tasty soundclips over at this site and thought I would share some of my personal favs. If you can tell me what movie each of them come from, I'll buy you a... beer, ya a beer. EnjoyA QuestAccentI Blamed it on the DogIn a TheaterWhy is the Carpet Wet?DoctorMerry ChristmasRocky MountainsWorst HatSpauldingIt SucksBrothersSquirrelsNot Gonna Work HereMargarita2 LadiesYa, Hi!1.21BlueBeerLeadingTimBubble GumGood Morning

fragile machine
Posted 05/03/05
I don't know exactly what this is about but it looks absolutely mind blowing! Check it out, especially if you are a ghost in the shell fan!

Adobe to Buy Macromedia
Posted 04/18/05
Computer document company Adobe Systems Inc. said Monday it agreed to buy multimedia software firm Macromedia Inc. for about $3.4 billion in stock, in a move designed to extend its lead in the market for creating and distributing digital documents. WOWSERS!

PSP & Mac
Posted 04/04/05
Your mac and your PSP can be friends, just check it out. Dammit! I wish I had a PSP.

The Shut Up Game
Posted 03/15/05
Machall yet again proving why they are kings among web comics. Best art hands down. Also anyone who hasn't played this game is a liar. And a big fat one at that!

Katamari Damacy
Posted 03/13/05
Been sick the last few days. I went to fry's to find a video game to occupy my time and ended up picking up Katamari Damacy. What a weird game! But it's awesome! You are Prince of the Cosmos and you roll around a ball that stuff sticks to. As the ball gets bigger you collect bigger and bigger stuff. It's amazingly addictive and best of all it's only 20 bucks! If you have a PS2 then go pick this up! Haven't seen a game this fun or original in a long time.

Posted 02/11/05
The classic SNL skit that I stumbled upon over at Gui Galaxy. Blue Oyster Cult forever!

Posted 02/03/05
The Keynote by Steve Jobs is on. God, I love this stuff! Still pretty pissed that they aren't broadcasting it however. You can still check out what is going on here though...

Life is Random
Posted 02/03/05
Well, at least we can see the slogan that is going along with the new ipod. I don't want to get too caught up in the rumor mill but here is what I found... "It is without any screen (that's maybe because the slogan is "Life is random!"), small, with a shape more vertical than the other iPod. The color is white, and it seems like a small remote control that fits confortably in a single hand."

WPA Kicks Ass
Posted 02/03/05
The WPA was an american propoganda machine of the New Deal era. The Library of Congress has about 900 of them online. And, yes, they kick ass.

P2P Phone-Over-Internet
Posted N/A
Call anyone you want from your Mac or PC for free. Cool! It even will work overseas... I think that requires a different version of the software that costs a little mulah though.

Posted N/A
I am once again shocked at our country's citizens as they go out in droves and vote back into office George W. Bush. INCREDIBLE! It really makes me sick to my stomach. Well, I guess there is an upside. It will be a humorous 4 years.I think the northeast and the west should pick up anchor and shove off. Maybe meet up again somwhere in Europe. Ya, that would be sweet.Another option is Canada. Here I come Manitoba!

Strawberry Slurpy
Posted N/A
If you have PC (haven't been able to get it to work on my mac) watch the video on the linked page. Good LORD!!! This guy is awesome.

Posted N/A
Is there a new iMac on the horizon. Some say yes, I say "Arf".

Go bug hunting!
Posted N/A
Probably the raddest mod I've seen for a 3d shooter! Alien Swarm! Check the forums for instructions on how to install on the mac. I'm downloading now. Can't wait to play!

A Better Mousetrap?
Posted N/A
Just let me find an ATM...

Dynamic Text
Posted N/A
Using Javascript PHP and you can now generate accessible image-headings using any font that is installed on your machine. AND you don't have to change the structure of your HTML or CSS at all. AMAZING

Is That a Tiger?
Posted N/A
Apple will offer developers an early look at the next version of Mac OS X at June's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, the company has announced.I don't usually believe these kind of reports but worth a post for cool possibility just the same.

New iPod Division
Posted N/A
Apple has created a new division within the maker of the Macintosh computer to sell its popular iPod, the market leading digital music player, the company said on Wednesday

Posted N/A
Gateway accounced today that it will be closing all of their retail stores next week. 2,500 jobs will be going with them.

Back When I Stole Games
Posted N/A
A good little read about game piracy by Corey Tamas over at MacGamer. Good stuff, especially if you are one of the many that steal your games by copying them.

Robots Are Cool
Posted N/A
A U.S. robot manufacturer Monday hailed the destruction of one of its units in Iraq and said it showed how valuable the machines have become for the U.S. military.

Pimped Out Tatra
Posted N/A
Some guy added a G4 to his car, a Tatra (I've never heard of it either). He then added a LCD and some custom software to make us all jealous.

Mac OS X turns 3!
Posted N/A
Yep. Mac OS X is 3 years old and it's come quite a ways. Read the linked article to read the ups and downs that the operating system has seen over the years...

Mac Hall is awesome!
Posted N/A
I've linked it before and I'll link it again. These guys have the best artist of any web comic out there. Nuf' said!

You Control
Posted N/A
You Control is a powerful, yet flexible menu utility that allows you to create custom menus that extend the functionality and usability of your Macintosh. Accessing your files and the information that is important to you has never been easier.

Art in Motion
Posted N/A is not only funny but also has one of the best artists of any web comic. This week he has a divx movie showing how he converts his pencil sketches to line art in photoshop. Pretty awesome! This guy reeks of mad talent!

I Am Off!
Posted N/A
Well I am off for another Macworld up in San Fransisco. I can not wait to see what Steve is going to announce tomorrow. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Cheers!

Posted N/A
Smack the penguin!

Posted N/A
One of the coolest screensavers for the mac out there. And it's free! Crazy algorithm goodness.

UT 2004
Posted N/A
According to Epic Games Mark Rein, Weve been working on the Mac version of Unreal Tournament 2004 right alongside the Windows version. Mac users should get a nice surprise when the official ship dates are announced.

iTunes Catalog
Posted N/A
10,000 Songs on Your Website. iTunes Catalog creates beautiful online catalogs of your music collection, displays the cover artwork for each album, and can even look up song lyrics. In addition, it can copy all your album artwork into iTunes, so you don't have to spend hours doing it yourself!

Sound Clips
Posted N/A
Ticketmaster has launched soundclips on it's site. So when you are searching around for an artist and can't decide if you want to go see them, this may help aid your decision. Warning: Use caution if you are on a mac.

Got Useless Software
Posted N/A
The highly trained PerversionTracker staff locates the very worst of Mac software. We search the web for 15 minutes a day so you dont have to!

20" iMac
Posted N/A
Wow, this thing is sweet! If I didn't already have a desktop...

Posted N/A
An update to Applenerd's earlier post last month. This is a mirror of the Pictures of the Terascale cluster which is made up of 1,100 PowerMac G5s.

Entourage X
Posted N/A
Finally support for mac users that work in a Microsoft Exchange Server environment. Gonna be tough to drop Mail but schuduling support just may tip the scales in Entourage's favor.

Posted N/A
SiteSucker is a Macintosh application that automatically downloads web sites from the Internet. It does this by copying the site's HTML documents, images, backgrounds, movies, and other files to your local hard drive. Just enter a URL and click a button and SiteSucker can download an entire web site.

iTunes Publisher
Posted N/A
Export your favorite playlists in a number of different formats. This program is great!

Posted N/A
Driver Hits Man, Body Stuck in Windshield... What a sick story. Not for the weak of stomach.

Neverwinter Nights
Posted N/A
MacSoft has announced that it's long-awaited release of BioWare's Neverwinter Nights will happen July 30. The game will ship from MacSoft's facilities to be available on store shelves the first week of August.

Design Guru
Posted N/A
Jonathan Ive has been named Designer of the Year in the competition run by London's Design Museum to find "the UK designer that made the biggest contribution to design in the past year".The 36-year-old has been largely responsible for transforming Apple's image with his revolutionary curved shape all-in-one iMac.

64-Bit Macs
Posted N/A
Apple Computer Inc. is nearing the release of desktop systems featuring IBM's 64-bit PowerPC 970 chip, sources report?but a 64-bit version of Mac OS X may lag behind by a month or two.

NWN Mac Demo Out
Posted N/A
Well I lose my bet. The Neverwinter Nights mac demo came out before never! Much to my delight of course! Hopefully the full version isn't far off. Check out the link below for a mirror to download from.

Where to begin?
Posted N/A
Apple has done it again! Panther! iChat AV! Safari 1.0! The Power Mac G5! How much great stuff can one day have!

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