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Adobe Photoshop Cook
Posted 08/25/10
Kenzo sent this my way the other day. Thought it was super cool and had to share with all of you. Hope you like!

Retro Sci-Fi Game Poster Tutorial
Posted 04/19/10
Image courtesy of SpoonGraphics I found a great Photoshop tutorial on how to create a retro sci-fi computer game poster while browsing the PSDTuts twitter feed. Not only is this a great tutorial, the subject matter also happens to be right up my alley. If you are into gaming (at least retro-style) and you are a Photoshop nucklehead you might get a kick out of this highly-informative tutorial. Dig it!  Image courtesy of SpoonGraphics

20 Years of Photoshop
Posted 02/02/10
This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Adobe product that literally changed my life. I think that I first started tinkering around with Photoshop when it was in it's 3rd iteration which was around 1995. From that moment, I loved how artistic I could be without using traditional methods. I have many fond memories playing around with brushes, colors and it's newest feature, LAYERS with Dan on my Apple 6300! Through many iterations of the program (I am currently rocking CS4), I have remained thankful for the awesome tool that has been enriching my work and creativity. I could go on and on about Photoshop but I won't. That last thing people want is for someone to get mushy about a piece of software, right? Instead, I will point you off to a great article about the history of Photoshop. For super PS nerds, I have included a video with one of the creators who gives a nice interview on it's history. Enjoy!

Photoshop Refrigerator Magnets
Posted 12/03/09
Image kinda speaks for itself. How awesome are these? for Your iPhone
Posted 10/09/09
Adobe announced today a Photoshop app for the iPhone. WTF? You can now edit photos from your phone and their extensive online library. It might be strange that the controls are all set on a combination of gestures. I dunno, seems like it is another step in the right direction for the phone and designers. That being said, I don't really see myself using it unless I am on the road and want to quickly alter levels or something on a photo I have just taken. Well see.

Time Lapse Design
Posted 08/27/09
"After working on the latest cover for Macworld Magazine, Peter Belanger decided to show what is involved in making a cover, focusing on the three main areas: photography, photoshop and design." Very cool, I would say.

Photoshop - Cutting Out Hair
Posted 08/12/09
Every designer has been daunted by the task of cutting a models and hair out of backgrounds to be used in different creative layouts. Here is a great tutorial on how to easily get great results.

Cut Out Hair in Photoshop
Posted 07/06/09
Super helpful tips for those that need to deal with the difficult task of masking out a person with crazy hair from the background. Very good tips (no pun intended).

Photoshop Color Tips
Posted 06/26/09
If you are tired of how Photoshop color shifts your images when you save for web, this article is for you. I posted this on Twitter months ago but needed the info for my laptop. Here it is for the rest of you.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Posted 03/27/08
Fully online photo editing? I guess that is cool. Pretty sweet what they can do online these days. Check out the demo at the link below.

Adobe CS3 Beta
Posted 12/18/06
Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) will introduce a beta version of Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 software, the next release of the world standard in digital imaging, on Friday, December 15th.

A Look Back...
Posted 07/12/05
at the greatness that is Photoshop. Here is some history to the greatest program ever made (my opinion).

Art in Motion
Posted N/A is not only funny but also has one of the best artists of any web comic. This week he has a divx movie showing how he converts his pencil sketches to line art in photoshop. Pretty awesome! This guy reeks of mad talent!

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