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What's Your Sister's Name?
Posted 08/09/12
Not everybody might think this is as funny as I do. Truth be told, I had a hard time holding the camera as I was about to bust up laughing.

The Man Without a Facebook
Posted 07/28/11
Haha. I love it. A funny take on A Man Without a Face. "Once in a while a friend request will come along that will change your life forever."

Dad Life
Posted 04/18/11
Ya, this pretty much sums it up. Funny (and yet GREAT) how life changes your priorities as you grow older, isn't it?

I Wonder Where She Gets It?
Posted 03/28/11
Ok, true. I posted this photo pretty much everywhere (Twitter and FB). For those of you who may not have seen the awesomeness, I had to share here too. I mean, really, how often do you get a classic photo like this? My guess is once or twice in a lifetime. Ain't she grand?

Posted 03/09/11
Came across this flyer in downtown Glendora last night. I was howling, I thought it was so darn funny. I mean, really, does it get any better than that? No, is the answer. If you want more funny fliers, I found this post that houses a bunch more. Enjoy. Goodbye productivity.

Should I Work For Free?
Posted 01/14/11
A funny graph showing the thought process that many of us designers have to go through when starting new projects. BONUS points for being built entirely in html and css. Thanks to codechemist for sending me this nice little ditty.

Dancing Kid
Posted 09/16/10
The buzziest commercials and the most viral videos share a few things in common. One, they're unique. Two, they're funny. And three, they look homemade (or at least they do to the casual eye). A new ad for Samsung has all those things going for it, which helps explain its surging popularity. The two-minute clip, in which a young kid dances solo on a play mat before being joined by her daycare teachers and then, finally, the entire town, is the talk of the web. Love it!

April Fools Shenanigans
Posted 04/01/10
It happens every year. Companies around the interwebs put together silly homepages and news posts every April 1st in an attempt to stump and amuse visitors. I enjoy going to my favorite sites and seeing what they come up with. This year, Kathy found this gem on Starbucks' site. Pretty funny, yet not too far from what I really want. Give me a half-gallon of delicious Joe? Yes please! What other sites are doing funny things this year? Feel free to share if you find anything noteworthy. Oh, and happy April Fools Day!

Pelican Attacks Weatherman
Posted 02/17/10
This is just too funny. I think the weatherman was enjoying the attack a little too much. Funny, funny.

How a Web Design Goes to Hell
Posted 12/04/09
Included above is just a small portion of the whole comic. Definitely worth a read for any web-designer out there.Funny cause it's funny. Sad because in so many cases it's true. Thanks to Fitz for sending this my way.

A Designer's Car
Posted 09/25/09
This gave me a chuckle. Sorry for those that don't get it, FFFFFF is HTML code for white (the car color). Fine, maybe it's not that funny. I'm still posting it.

Rock Band: Radiohead Edition
Posted 09/03/09
With the newest release of a Beatles themed Rock Band on the horizon and the possibility that it will make a bajillion dollars, Harmonix decided to call on other bands to do themed experiences. Newly announced, Rock Band: Radiohead!

IE6 Must Die
Posted 07/17/09
A funny/good little article about how IE6 is holding back web innovation. Amazingly, IE6 still holds about 15-25% or the worlds browsers. This reason is maddening to a web developer, UI guy like myself who has to build sites so that all users get a good experience. It takes little to no time to build for most modern browsers. The largest time-suck is when I have to make any site IE6 compliant. There are hacks, workarounds and other fixes that make me want to pull my hair out. What's the point? Well, if you are here on this site reading this, you probably don't have a problem because this site looks absolutely horrendous on IE6 so yaay. There is still a part of me that wants to fix all of my code so that everyone can see this site in the same way, I just wish I didn't have to. Please stop using it and get your friends and family off of it as well. All of the web developers you know will give you a big hug for your efforts.

Between Two Ferns
Posted 07/14/09
A classic interview with Natalie Portman. This guy is too much. A definite must watch for anyone that enjoyed The Hangover. If you like the clip, I definitely suggest you watch the rest of the collection over at Funny or Die. They are all classic.

New Economic Plan
Posted 05/29/09
The Onion has been cracking me up for years and years. I love that they are doing video news reports now. Check out this funny economic plan put forward by "your girlfriend".

Literal Music Video
Posted 05/29/09
I've seen a few of these but this might be the best. Pretty funny stuff. Done to the tune of "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

Posts by Craig
Posted 03/09/09
Funny signs put up on light posts. Gave me a good amount of giggles.

The Snuggie
Posted 02/10/09
A funny parody of the snuggie infomercial. I really, really hate this frickin' product.

Posted 12/17/08
I know for me, any reason to laugh is welcomed. This clip really helped me this morning.

Font Conference
Posted 07/30/08
For all you nerds out there that love fonts, this is for you. Very funny for designers at least.

Bill Gates
Posted 06/25/08
Quite a funny read for any mac-loving computer user out there. I love reading how even the leader of Microsoft can't figure out how to use their own stuff.

Posted 04/01/08
This is why I hesitate to get up in front of people to sing. Most people, I think, believe that they can actually hold a tune. These people even probably do. Holy shnikies! Amazingly bad. Amazingly good.

A Walk In The Woods
Posted 03/27/08
I know it's immature but hey, poop is funny. Very cute, clever animation. Definitely will make you at least giggle.

Zeitgeist 2007
Posted 02/01/08
Check out what the #1 search term in Google News was. Kinda funny, kinda sad. Yaaay for me!

Last Resort Fighting
Posted 01/31/08
I love this. Reminds me of "Rex-Kwon-Do". I'd so take classes from this guy if he were teaching self-defense classes near me. Kill them with kindness!

Jack McBrayer
Posted 01/29/08
This guy cracks me up on 30 Rock. Not sure where this video comes from but whatever, it's funny.

Ross the Intern
Posted 09/21/07
Man, this guy cracks me up. So funny. My favorite quote from the clip off the linked page? "This is like Barbie's dream horse".

Running w/ Knives
Posted 08/20/07
2kSports has released a football game recently in which OJ Simpson is a playable running back. That kinda sucks but gets really funny when he goes up against an opposing team with a scary mascot. Check the video to see what I mean.

Posted 08/10/07
Holy crap, this is too much! Check out my roommate make a complete ass out of himself... not really "him", but still really funny.

Simpsons Mashup
Posted 06/20/07
Check out this Simpsons version of Die Hard. Pretty funny and spot on. I bet you could do an hour long short w/ these kinds of scenes.

Idol Recap
Posted 03/23/07
More of the best blogs I have read. Funny, funny, funny. Oh, disregard clicking if you have no interest in American Idol at all. Eh, on second thought, just read it anyways.

Handsome Donkey
Posted 11/16/06
Some funny time-wasting videos for your Thursday. Enjoy!

Halloween Prep
Posted 10/25/06
I found this site that has a bunch of halloween related album covers. Some are pretty funny. So go and check out the forbidden crypts of haunted music.

Nausea Puppet
Posted 10/02/06
Check out Beck's new video from his new album that comes out TOMORROW! Puppets are funny. Yaay, Beck!

Mash Up
Posted 08/17/06
I don't usually link to my own sites but wow, Editor James put a very funny video together about Katharine. Go check it out.

MTV Turns 25
Posted 08/01/06
Music television celebrates 25 years on the air today and is streaming their first hour ever. It is pretty funny to see how low-tech everything used to be. Also, guess what is the most amazing thing? They actually play music! SHOCK!

Need a Good Laugh?
Posted 03/30/06
This'll do lad. Nothing says funny like a bunch of people getting smacked in the face by an assortment of balls.

Fresh Prince of Comedy
Posted 01/17/06
In case you happen to forget how funny this show was, check out this clip. Ahhhh... I miss TV.

Formerly Known as...
Posted 12/08/05
Go check out the old Macromedia site. There is a funny new icon at the top left of the page. Viva Adobe!

Geek Fantasies
Posted 05/12/05
Kinda funny site with hot women doing stuff like playing DND, collecting toys and using calculators. I'd sure like to see her sine wave, hehe.

Kicked in the Nuts
Posted N/A
Hahahahaaa... this is funny.

Posted N/A
Everyone who loves lions will find this very amusing... Wait, actually a lot of other people will find this funny as well. Meeeeooooowwwww.

Posted N/A
Half chicken, half penguin... all funny. Really quite upset that I didn't know about this until today.

Posted N/A
One of the funniest Craig's List postings I have ever seen. Holy crap that is funny.

Posted N/A
Our leader is... funny at least."Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

EuroBad '74
Posted N/A
Take a tour of some of Europe's worst interiors of 1974. Very funny.

Milk & Cereal
Posted N/A
Funny little video. Not really sure how to explain it.

Shouldn't laugh but.
Posted N/A
This is damn funny.

Posted N/A
Here are some outtakes from that show in the 80s that we all loved. Pretty damn funny.

Job Listings
Posted N/A
Funny job listings found over at Under Consideration.

Posted N/A
Holy crap this looks funny. Go watch the trailer to a Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn masterpiece.

Art in Motion
Posted N/A is not only funny but also has one of the best artists of any web comic. This week he has a divx movie showing how he converts his pencil sketches to line art in photoshop. Pretty awesome! This guy reeks of mad talent!

Posted N/A
Billionaire Halloween Masks provided by Very funny. I especially got a chuckle for the Steve Jobs mask. Enjoy!

Blind Kangaroo
Posted N/A
Blind Kangaroo Saves Farmer. So funny of a news title, I had to post it.

BK Holiday
Posted N/A
Ding Fries are done!

A Funny Read
Posted N/A
A woman accused of stabbing a drinking companion has blamed the assault on the man's dead ex-wife. Unlikely? Yep.

Warning ahead!
Posted N/A
A friend told me about this site the other day and it's hilarious! It let's you make safety signs with any caption you want and then it builds a pdf of it for you! There's some pretty funny safety pictures in there.

New Stereotypes
Posted N/A
The new issue is out and is funny as ever. NS is always a good place for laughs. Enjoy. If you have a spare moment email the admins and tell them how much you love the design.

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