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Blue Angels Practice
Posted 04/21/14
In-cockpit footage of the Navy's Blue Angels flight demonstration team in excruciatingly tight formation during a recent practice. This is truly incredible!

Baby's First Lemon
Posted 04/08/14
Seems appropriate this week.

Mistaken for Strangers
Posted 03/28/14
Oh my GOOSH, this looks awesome. Want to see this so bad. Thanks to Kenny for linking this over.

43 Cartoon Theme Songs
Posted 03/26/14
Challenge: Can you hear all 43 cartoon theme songs? Check your guesses against the list below, but don't cheat! SPOILERS BELOW Avatar: The Last Airbender 00:00 Transformers 00:14 Pokemon 00:17 Captain Planet 00:23 X-Men Evolution 00:27 Sailor Moon 00:35 Neon Genesis Evangelion 00:39 Powerpuff Girls 00:43 South Park 00:52 CatDog 00:56 G.I. Joe 01:03 Family Guy 01:08 Pinky and the Brain 01:15 Pink Panther 01:19 Dexter's Laboratory & Rescue Rangers 01:24 Spiderman 01:37 Inspector Gadget 01:44 Adventure Time 01:54 Babar & Gummi Bears 02:03 Madeline 02:07 Smurfs 02:13 Doug & Rugrats 02:18 Care Bears 02:30 Dora the Explorer 02:34 Rocko's Modern Life 02:39 Spongebob Squarepants 02:42 Futurama & Magic School Bus 02:47 Muppet Babies 02:53 The Simpsons 02:57 Hey Arnold! & Peanuts 03:02 He-Man (Masters of the Universe) 03:10 Dragon Ball Z 03:12 Thundercats 03:18 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 03:23 Johnny Bravo 03:32 Anamaniacs 03:39 Tiny Toon Adventures 03:51 Goof Troop 03:56 Duck Tales 04:01 Bobby's World 04:07 The Jetsons 04:12 The Flintstones 04:17 Looney Tunes 04:24

Hiking/Running With Julia
Posted 03/24/14
Julia likes to hike. I like to hike with Julia. Julia LOVES when I run. I love to hear her laugh while I run. What does this equate to? A dad that runs a lot of trails. Thank goodness it is getting warmer so we can do more of this. 

Formula 1 Sound
Posted 03/23/14
Race fans are about to notice a big difference around the track this Formula 1 season. After switching from a 2.4L V8 to a 1.6L V6 Turbo, the cars seem to have lost their signature sound.

The Irony
Posted 03/21/14
This cracked me up.

Entertainer of the Year
Posted 03/05/14
This goes on for well over an hour. Same excitement. It's no wonder I rarely leave the house.

High Fashion
Posted 02/25/14
Roberta Mancino expresses her passion for fashion and her love of base jumping in this truly extraordinary "High Fashion" GoPro video starring Giovanni Silvestri, Andrey Karr, Luca Tondelli, and Maurizio Di Palma. Watch them jump from Italy's Monte Brento looking fresh and stylish in Roberto Cavalli high end clothing. If you're going to base-jump off a perfectly good cliff, you might as well look spectacular doing it.

Jimmy Fallon - Ignition Remix
Posted 02/19/14
Yes Jimmy, please much more of this. Brilliant.

Outlanders: Season 1
Posted 02/13/14
A 6-episode documentary series on the people and culture of videogames? Yes, please.

Delta's 80's Safety Video
Posted 01/28/14
I want my next flight to be on Delta. Well played.

Posted 01/23/14
This makes me laugh WAY too hard.

Stalingrad - VFX
Posted 12/19/13
Wow, visual effects have come a long way. This makes me wish I had spent a bit more time in the 3D labs at UCLA … for a second before trying to digest how many man-hours it must take to do this at this level. Pass!

Google - Here's to 2013
Posted 12/18/13
Great video.

Misunderstood - Apple TV Ad
Posted 12/17/13
Well played Apple.

Parenting Life
Posted 12/16/13
Yup, it's pretty much like this.

The World Outside My Window
Posted 12/04/13
Time Lapse of Earth from the International Space Station. Amazing.

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often
Posted 11/27/13
Corndog for you, corndog for you, corndog for you... brilliant. This kid really 'gets' me.

46 & 2 - Kid Style
Posted 11/27/13
Kids are crazy.

Jean-Claude Van Damme's Epic Split for Volvo Is Insane
Posted 11/15/13
Ummmm, wow. This is just about the best thing I have seen this week... and I've seen some good stuff this week!

Skateboarding Summit - Laguna Beach
Posted 11/08/13
This hill I grew up on and rode down a million times. So what if the craziest I got was to go down on a bike. SO! Summit is gnarly, dude! I can still remember seeing Peter O'Keefe and Paul Wade going down on skateboards though. Nuttier than me.

Posted 11/06/13
SOLOSHOT automatically keeps your camera pointed at you. That is pretty neat. If only I did a sport that was interesting. I doubt covering one of my tennis matches would be film-worthy. NOTE: Apologies for the music during the movie. Something about it drives me nuts. Mute! There's your answer.

Daredevil Julia
Posted 10/29/13
I'm sorry, but this is just too great. Look at her go!

For the Players Since 1995
Posted 10/22/13
While I wasn't able to have a PS1, I did love my PS2 and on. Can't wait for the PS4 and all it has to offer. I'm a total fanboy, it's true. This is a pretty cool ad. I especially like how they change the vid aspect ratio as history unfolds from standard resolutions to today's widescreen format. Nice touch Sony.

Dear Mr. Watterson
Posted 10/14/13
Can't wait to see this. I truly, truly can't explain how influential Calvin & Hobbes was to me as a kid. To this day I still pull out my books from time to time and get lost in Calvin's brain. Thank you Bill Watterson for giving me something so special to love for decades and more.

Zoe's First Steps
Posted 10/11/13
Zoe took a step or two a couple days ago but last night she really went for it. By the end of the night we had her walking across entire rooms. Yes!

Knife Pong
Posted 10/08/13
Just wow. Them peeps are nutty.

Posted 10/03/13
I'm proud to admit that I've been to one of the Lebowski-Fests that took place in LA. It was an awesome (yet weird) time for me and Kenny. Would LOVE to do another one soon.

Catalina 2013
Posted 10/02/13
Kathy and I were lucky enough to head out to Catalina in August to spend a nice weekend on the good old Rusty G. As always, it was extremely relaxing and pretty much the highlight of the year. Here you can see us out at Indian Rock snorkeling around like fish. Good times! * Footage captured on a Contour Roam. Lastly, believe it or not, I did NOT put any filters/effects on myself when I am in the camera's view ... I am sadly that white (fluorescent).

We are Sabadell
Posted 09/30/13
On the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell we wanted to pay homage to our city by means of the campaign "Som Sabadell" (We are Sabadell). This is the flashmob that we arranged as a final culmination with the participation of 100 people from the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the Lieder, Amics de l'Òpera and Coral Belles Arts choirs.

Sesame Street
Posted 09/26/13
For my girls.

27 Drinks Made From Coffee
Posted 09/25/13
Mmmmmm... This makes me want to try a different one each day of one month. If there are any days left over (meaning = not February), I would probably need to sleep.

Polar Pen
Posted 09/24/13
Whether you use it as a tool or a toy, the Polar Pen will be the only writing utensil you need.

Guys Replace Friend's Tap Water With Beer
Posted 09/16/13
If anyone wants to do this to anyone, say, ME - feel free to go ahead.

Can't Keep Us Down - 9/11
Posted 09/11/13
Watch and share this commemorative time-lapse movie, highlighting progress at the World Trade Center site from October 2004 to September 2013. Witness the rise of One World Trade Center, including the installation of the spire, bringing it to a staggering height of 1,776 feet. Hundreds of thousands of high definition images were captured over the past 9 years and hand-edited for this special time-lapse movie.

eGood Supports Worthy Causes | Disrupt SF 2013 Battlefield
Posted 09/11/13
If you missed us presenting on Main Stage last night at TechCrunch, you can watch it here! Take a look! #choosegood #tcdisrupt After the presentation, TechCrunch put us on the homepage with an article about our company and movement! Yew! If you want more, here is another video interview with Zack.

Posted 09/11/13
What a cool view into what goes into a NIN performance. Technology, artistry and music blend to give fans an experience they will never forget. Trent is such a talent. Disagree? You're wrong.

Above Burning Man
Posted 09/09/13
In all honesty, this is about as close as I ever want to get to the Burning Man festival. No offense, kids, it's just not my cup of tea ... or whatever you drink there. Pixie tonic? Meh.

Riding the Booster
Posted 08/28/13
From the upcoming Special Edition Ascent: Commemorating Space Shuttle DVD/BluRay by NASA/Glenn a movie from the point of view of the Solid Rocket Booster with sound mixing and enhancement done by the folks at Skywalker Sound. The sound is all from the camera microphones and not fake or replaced with foley artist sound. The Skywalker sound folks just helped bring it out and make it more audible.

Game Show Moments
Posted 08/27/13
I had tears rolling down my face for most of this. Classic answers to quick questions. Ha! My favorite? "Q: Name an animal with three letters. A: Alligator"

Slip N' Slide
Posted 08/11/13
Don't try this at home, kids!

Round & Round
Posted 08/09/13
We went out for a night of fun in the 'kiddie zone' of Lakeside Amusement Park last night and it was awesome. That place is a big old slice of Americana. Julia loved all the rides (all that pretty much just spun her around in a circle). The ferris wheel was awesome as were so many other rides. Before leaving, we decided to come back at least once a summer to partake in the Lakeside fun. Good times!

Mike Doughty - LIVE
Posted 08/08/13
43+ minutes of Mike Doughty playing, singing, and talking? Yes please!

What Will We Miss - VSauce
Posted 08/07/13
VSauce always has fascinating offerings. This one is no different.

River Rafting the Arkansas
Posted 08/05/13
The Seybolds finally made it out to Buena Vista, CO to get in some good family river rafting. We met up with the Donaldsons and took all the girls down the Milk Run. Good times were had by all. So proud of my girls!

Jobs - The Film
Posted 07/15/13
Ya, I'll be seeing this. Maybe I can even get David Rowland to come out and watch it with me NERD-STYLE! Fanboys UNITE!

Beatbox Brilliance
Posted 07/11/13
Tom Thum has more talent in his voice box than most of us have in our whole body. Here's the Australian beat boxer giving a mind-blowing performance for TEDxSydney.

Grand Theft Auto Trailer
Posted 07/09/13
This game looks HUGE. Maybe too big? Maybe.

Hot Dogs!
Posted 07/03/13
From one of my favorite Will Farrell SNL characters, here is Harry Caray mixed in with one of my favorite local (to CO) bands, the Lunineers. I bet KennyRay is laughing at this right... about... now!

UP: Designed for Everyday Life
Posted 06/27/13
I kinda REALLY want one of these.

10 Bets You'll Always Win
Posted 06/24/13
I'm away from my family and a little off my game. Hence, here's a super random video. Sorry.

Dancing Queen... Continued
Posted 06/16/13
Here is more of Julia's wonderful moves. If I were working at Wahoos and saw this little girl dancing on the patio, I'd surely give them all a free meal (hint hint Wahoos corporate).

Dancing Queen
Posted 06/16/13
I'm a lucky man. Look at the talent I have going in my family. If you enjoyed this, feel free to see the show go on here.

Money Magic Trick For Homeless
Posted 06/12/13
Love this!

Posted 06/11/13
The latest video from Max & the Moon.

Convos With My 2 Year Old - PT 2
Posted 06/03/13
More of the good stuff.

Convos With My 2 Year Old - PT 1
Posted 05/23/13
Yes, I have a 2 year old girl. Yes, talking to her is sometimes like this. No, I never thought about what it might sound like to have that conversation replaced with an adult. Halarity!

Posted 05/23/13
Need to get Julia up and running with the PRS! This girl is awesome!

I Can't Go For That
Posted 05/21/13
This is just so good on so many levels. I'm still disappointed in myself for never being in a band... at least up until this point. Maybe this one needs a lone kazooer. Call me! - Steve 867-5309 Thanks to Grant for the link!

Modern Motorcycle Diaries
Posted 05/15/13
From Alaska to Argentina, Alex Chacon takes a 500 day tour through the Americans on his KLR 650.

Arrested Development - Season 4 Trailer - JOY!
Posted 05/13/13
"After a seven-year hiatus, Arrested Development is back — and now, a trailer for the sitcom's fourth season has debuted online. Posted to YouTube on Sunday, it shows the quirky Bluth family — including Michael (played by Jason Bateman), Lindsay (Portia de Rossi), Gob (Will Arnett), George-Michael (Michael Cera) and other members — reuniting onscreen."

Steven Spielberg's Obama
Posted 04/30/13
After the success of Lincoln, it would only make sense for Steven Spielberg to bring the life of Barack Obama to the big screen. I have yet to see Lincoln myself, but still think this is a riot.

The Julia Show
Posted 04/20/13
Lately Julia has been quite the entertainer for Zoe at the kitchen table. Yelling, laughing, whatever it takes... she is ready to get some sort of reaction from her attentive audience.

Star Wars Filibuster
Posted 04/19/13
Listen up Disney. During a taping of Parks and Recreation, guest star Patton Oswalt created comedic magic with his 8-minute, impromptu proposal for the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Real Beauty Sketches
Posted 04/17/13
Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Women are their own worst beauty critics. In fact, only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. How tragic? I, for one, live with 100% beautiful women. That's a solid fact.

Space Straws
Posted 04/12/13
VSauce is always good for some mind-blowing science knowledge. This episode does not disappoint.

What if the Sun Disappeared?
Posted 04/05/13
Super fascinating. Scary, but not as scary as I thought it might be. Thanks again to V-Sauce for the knowledge.

Finding Dory
Posted 04/02/13
YES! I know, I know. I'm a geek. And a child. Fine!

Where the Streets Have No Name
Posted 03/27/13
On this day back in 1987, U2 recorded it's famous Where the Streets Have No Name on a rooftop in Los Angeles. Pretty much the best music video ever. Oh, and yes I truly still dream about actually being there for this. I would have only been 10 but it would have been amaze-balls.

35 Facts About Mr. Rogers
Posted 03/20/13
On what would have been his 85th birthday, Mental Floss counts down 35 facts about everyone's favorite neighbor, Mr. Rogers.

In Anticipation of ∏ Day
Posted 03/12/13
I've loved March 14TH for a long time. This guy covers a few reasons why it's such a great number.

Julia - Performance Art
Posted 03/04/13
Aunt Sheryl came into town over the weeked to watch a volleyball tournament that Kellie was playing in Denver. Julia was beyond excited to get the extra attention, as you can see in this video. What a nut. I especially LOVE the last from of the video. What a face!

Google Glass
Posted 02/28/13
There has been A LOT of press about Google Glass lately. I've been somewhat lukewarm on the whole project until recently. Although I still think they look pretty silly on your face, the experience and possibilities of what it can offer bewilder me. I'm sure it won't be long until this and similar products are the norm. Although I'm not too excited about getting deeper in tech dependance (and in general I think we've already gone too far), I'm still a techgeek and therefore will continue to salivate until I can take them for my own test drive.

Mr. Rogers
Posted 02/27/13
What a truly amazing man Mr. Rogers was to all of us. What a gift! He passed 10 years ago, and is terribly missed by the children that were able to grow up with Mr. Rogers like myself. I wish he were still around to greet and teach my girls. Enjoy this amazing video or our most wonderful neighbor.

Pork Chop
Posted 02/21/13
Beautifully done project. Also, names hurt. Don't be mean. Give hugs.

Sound & Vision by Beck
Posted 02/13/13
With the help of 167 musicians playing anything from the guitar to the harp and 360-degree cameras, Beck delivers the gift of sound and vision during his reimagined performance of David Bowie's "Sound and Vision."

Skateboard-to-Skateboard Backflip
Posted 02/11/13
GOOOOOOOOOSH! Skateboarding daredevil Adam Miller attempted the first-ever gainer back flip off a skateboard and onto another sitting at the bottom of six stairs, and he nailed it.

Posted 02/08/13
We are so happy to have Zoe home. After 11 days in the hospital, our little bundle of fun came home feeling a little bit groggy but all-in-all like herself. Here is a video of her on her first night back. Yaaaay!

Nice Shot
Posted 01/28/13
LeBron James put himself one step closer to redemption when the 6'8, 250-pound MPV jumped into the arms of one lucky Heat fan, after he drilled a $75,000 half-court shot.

Posted 01/24/13
As cheese-ball as this video is, I love it. Man, I would love to have a standup arcade like this with hundreds of old classics on it. When I worked at Alena for a short bit, they had a similar arcade set up in their break room. I was... less-than-productive some days when I felt the need to play Gauntlet or Asteroids.

Painting Coconuts - The Audi quattro® Experience
Posted 01/16/13
Darn cool. Audi Canada, together with Toronto-based ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo and Slot Mods USA have managed to use cars in a way that piqued my interest by building an iPad-controlled test track. The best part? Players get a driver-perspective point of view of the RC cars in action in real time.

Skiing With Julia
Posted 12/30/12
Not bad for a 2 year old, right? Here we are testing out Julia's ski legs at Crested Butte over Christmas vacation. She'll be shredding it up with her cousins Ayla and Ruby before we know it! YES!

The Way I See
Posted 12/20/12
Tasty new video from our friends in Max and the Moon. Check it out!

Let it Snow!
Posted 12/20/12
We're having a ton of fun when it snows these days! The sled was a gift from a neighbor friend and Julia loves it... as you can tell.  BTW, yes, this is exhausting.

1 Second Everyday
Posted 12/18/12
After turning 30, Cesar Kuriyama took a year off from work and spent more time on the important things he never had time to do. For every day of this year, he recorded one second and turned it into a mini-documentary of his 30th year.

Roger Waters & Eddie Vedder
Posted 12/13/12
Well, this is sure a treat for the ears. Check out Eddie helping Roger on this rendition of Comfortably Numb at a Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert.

Posted 12/10/12
Well this movie looks amazing, right? I'd spend cashola to see that for sure.

Burning Fireplace Ugly Christmas Sweater
Posted 12/09/12
Ugly sweater party coming up? Why not take your sweater to the next level with this! Ambicious? Yes. Awesome? ABSOLUTELY!

The Hobbit!
Posted 11/27/12
It's coming December 14TH! Can't wait! Hope you enjoy some of this post-production footage and maybe you'll be as excited for The Hobbit to be released in theaters as much as I am.

Dumb Ways to Die
Posted 11/19/12
It's just so catchy. Love the illustration/animation style so much too.

Posted 11/18/12
Can't help it. I took this video probably a month ago but being that it fills my heart every time I watch it, I had to share it.

DSLR Gear - No Idea
Posted 11/13/12
I got a good kick out of this video. I feel like I'm about at their level of expertise... most of the time.

Why Doesn't MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?
Posted 11/11/12
Somewhat crude, but got me giggling.

What If Money Was No Object?
Posted 10/25/12
Very moving. Are you doing what you love to do? Big thanks to Stacey for sending this along.

So Real It's Scary
Posted 10/23/12
In an advertising move that's both hilarious and horrible, electronics company LG installed a grid of its new IPS monitors in the floor of an elevator, creating an optical illusion that made it appear riders were about to plummet to their deaths. In a YouTube video posted by LGBlogUK, the displays are arranged on the floor in a three-by-three grid. The horrified faces of the allegedly unsuspecting elevator riders are then filmed for comedic, er, marketing effect when the floor appears to give out. Using the tagline, "So Real, It's Scary," the ad dovetails nicely with Halloween -- a holiday that encourages scary pranks.

The Jumper - Follow Up Video
Posted 10/19/12
I received a lot of heat for posting a photo but no video on this subject. Here is my attempt to appease the masses. Enjoy. I especially like this video as Van Halen's Dance the Night Away is playing in the background. Coincidence? Possibly.

iPod Ad
Posted 10/11/12
Apple does such a great job of 1) Creating objects of design excellence and 2) Marketing them in fun ways that gives their products personality.

Stomp Stomp!
Posted 10/04/12
Julia taking care of some packaging bubbles.

How Hot Can It Get?
Posted 10/02/12
Goosh! There is a ton of science goodness in this video. Check it out! If you ever needed a lesson on temperature, this will do the trick. Where are my science books. I'm boiling over in nerdery.

20 Years of Cartoon Network
Posted 10/02/12
To celebrate 20 years of animated entertainment, Cartoon Network created this two-minute, nostalgia-inducing music video filled with nearly 100 cartoon all-stars.

The Matador
Posted 09/18/12
We know how to have fun! Usually, a matador will get out of the way for a charging bull. In this case, however, I didn't mind getting run into directly. Definitely turn up your speakers so you can hear Julia's laugh/scream. As soon as she started doing that, I knew that I had to record it. Classic Julia!

Finding Freedom
Posted 08/30/12
Amazing. I love the internet because I so easily can find things like this that lift me up. The underwater wheelchair enables Sue Austin to go on a gentle, dream like exploration of an exotic underwater world. Through unexpected juxtapositions, this work aims to excite and inspire by creating images that transform preconceptions.

Complete MSL Curiosity Descent
Posted 08/22/12
Holy! Wow! Incredible! My nerd senses are going absolutely crazy right now. This is so cool!

What It Feels Like To Be A Freelancer
Posted 08/15/12
Ain't THIS the truth? Thanks to @redtikidesign for the link.

¡Three Amigos!
Posted 08/15/12
¡Three Amigos! trailer as and action-thriller. The internet wins. Thanks to @davesliozis for this wonderful find.

What's Your Sister's Name?
Posted 08/09/12
Not everybody might think this is as funny as I do. Truth be told, I had a hard time holding the camera as I was about to bust up laughing.

Out of My Head
Posted 08/08/12
Holy Cow! Sometimes you are surrounded by greatness. That has happened to me over the last couple of years. Check out Max & The Moon's new official music video for Out of My Head. The super-talented 'Johnny-V' is in the band and he's been working alongside me and the rest of the SWIRE team for a couple years now. Dude has some talent, eh?

Red Bull Stratos
Posted 07/27/12
Ya, that would be awesome. I would LOVE to do this. Of course, it's easy to say from the comfort of the ground.

Dear Google, I LOVE You
Posted 07/26/12
Bring me that FIBER, baby! Google Fiber starts with a connection speed 100 times faster than today's average broadband. Instant downloads. Crystal clear HD. And endless possibilities. It's not just TV. And it's not just Internet. It's Google Fiber.

The History of Rap
Posted 07/26/12
Love that this is done by two white guys. Regardless, this is just wonderful. Hope you enjoy this as much as my coworkers and I do. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake - a rapping duo made in heaven.

Beep Beep Beep!
Posted 07/20/12
After recently finishing a TON of work on our yard, we found that Julia had aquired a new trick. With all of the trucks that  were coming by to deliver dirt, rocks, concrete and other materials she heard a lot of them beeping while in reverse. What we found was if she heard the beeps from trucks or even anybody she would stop what she was doing and start walking slowly backwards. As you can imagine, it has continued to be a trick that brings us to laugh-tears.

Posted 07/10/12
With the weight of Great Britain on his shoulders, Andy Murray came just short of breaking a 76-year Wimbledon losing streak to Swiss tennis star Roger Federer. During the Brit's post-loss speech, all of that pressure came pouring out of his eyeballs.

Posted 07/02/12
Oh man, this kills me on so many levels. If the girls end up like this (which is somewhat likely) I might have to puke. Twice. Maybe more.

Posted 06/27/12
Here she is internet! Introducing the first of many videos of our newest daughter, Zoe Elaine. Ain't she cute?

Anyone for Tennis?
Posted 05/30/12
What is quickly becoming a tradition in the Seybold household, here is Kathy, running around a tennis court after playing for a bit trying to get baby moving towards birth. I could watch this over and over. Cracks me up!

Leap Motion
Posted 05/25/12
Amazed by how cool this could be. Not entirely sure how practical it is at this point but I'm sure that it will get some legs. Here's another video showing off the Leap Motion.

Lego Art - PBS
Posted 05/17/12
LEGO blocks are one of the most beloved toys in the world, playing a role in many a person's childhood. But for some creators, LEGO has evolved from toy to art form. In this episode, we talk to three LEGO artists who have made beautiful mosaics, amazing stop-motion videos, thoughtful sculptures, and have turned these tiny building blocks into a true artistic medium.

Posted 05/17/12
Looks like we have our hands full. Watch Julia throw caution to the wind with this fun trip down the slide. Looks like we'll have our hands full once she is a bit older. Oh boy!

Roger Waters - The Wall
Posted 05/08/12
Here is my far-off-and-away video from my iPhone from the show. The quality is pretty ho-hum but hey, it is STILL super awesome. Later in the video you can see the magic that the projections on the wall portrayed. What a night! NOTE: If you would like to see a better version of this video, taken in London AND with David Gilmore showing in tow, click here. Below are a few photos that I took throughout the show. Notice the different builds of the wall. As more and more of the wall was built, more images and video could be projected onto the canvas leading up to the dramatic "tear down". Remarkable. Show of a lifetime! Pretty remarkable, right? Anyways, if you have the means and this show is coming to your town, I can't stress enough that you really NEED to go see it. You won't be sorry. I give you my trusted seal of approval™.

Slow Jam
Posted 04/25/12
This video is everywhere this morning. My goodness, it's great. Check out this wonderful Late Night Slow Jam with the President of the United States.

I'm a Wizard!
Posted 04/05/12
This makes me want to get my wisdom teeth taken out. What a fun ride it could be!

Nike: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Rafa Nadal
Posted 04/03/12
Two of the world's biggest athletes go head-to-head in a battle of explosive speed. On-court, Rafael Nadal's supremacy is almost unrivalled. But against Cristiano Ronaldo and the new Mercurial Vapor VIII, he faces a challenge like never before.

Museum Julia
Posted 04/03/12
We just got back from our amazing tour around the northeast. We had such a great time visiting with friends and family. I am going to slowly throw out some media (photo & video) highlights from the trip over the next couple of days. Here is a video of Julia in a museum breaking the law. She was so fascinated by how her voice echoed through the halls that she refused to stop chirping throughout.

Football Cops
Posted 03/21/12
In light of Peyton Manning joining the Broncos, I thought I would share this treat. It is a commercial featuring Peyton and his brother Eli. Pretty weird but still pretty awesome. Enjoy.

A Woman in a Wheelchair Goes Bungee Jumping
Posted 03/20/12
Wow. That's so awesome. What an inspiration. Let it be a lesson that you can do anything. Anything.

Monster Diesel
Posted 03/16/12
Yes, please! "The collaboration between Diesel's founder Renzo Rosso and the Ducati Design Center gives birth to the Monster Diesel that is based on an 1100EVO and further enhances the Monster family's defining concepts of functionality, style and sport with an innovative evolution of the flagship model. Creative, innovative, fun, irreverent, sexy and brave are the words to best describe the new Monster Diesel."

All Alone in the Night
Posted 03/13/12
Time-lapse footage of the Earth as seen from the International Space Station.

Dollar Shave Club
Posted 03/08/12
I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure this is the best startup video that has ever been made. What a smart way to make yourself standout.

The Tantrum
Posted 02/28/12
When you work in advertising, you're obsessed with advertising. Luckily, obsession has its place at the 2012 Dallas ADDY's. Got a pretty good giggle out of me. I feel this guy's pain a lot of the time. A LOT of the time. It still amazes me when clients can't see my genius and want to question my creative decisions. Haha...

World's Largest Rope Swing - Widescreen Version
Posted 02/23/12
Sign me up! I'd do this in a heartbeat. Well, I might have to poop first... but THEN I'd be ready to go! Well, I might have to be a world class climber with all super-brand-new equipment that didn't show ANY signs of wear. Oh, I'd also have to be with quite an experienced bunch of folks that knew what they were doing (like Bro-In-Law Jon for instance). That being said, I'm positive I would not be the first one to try it out. That is a given. Ya, totally not going first. That guy would have to be nuts.

World's Largest Rope Swing
Posted 02/23/12
Sign me up! I'd do this in a heartbeat. Well, I might have to poop first... but THEN I'd be ready to go! Well, I might have to be a world class climber with all super-brand-new equipment that didn't show ANY signs of wear. Oh, I'd also have to be with quite an experienced bunch of folks that knew what they were doing (like Bro-In-Law Jon for instance). That being said, I'm positive I would not be the first one to try it out. That is a given. Ya, totally not going first. That guy would have to be nuts.

Bon Iver at AIR Studios
Posted 02/17/12
If you've been close to me lately, you know I'm almost obsessed with Bon Iver. This video should show you that you should be too.

Posted 02/15/12
Julia loves her new big balloon. Watch he have a good time with it when we went out to Wahoos the other night. BTW, Wahoos CO is so awesome. Every month they announce a couple first names that win free drinks at happy hour (limit 3). Now THAT is great marketing!

Half Time Julia
Posted 02/10/12
Julia sure liked Madonna's half time show. I doubt you've seen anything cuter than this recently.

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife
Posted 01/31/12
I was laughing so hard when I saw this photo. Too good! If you are not familiar with the Antoine Dodson video and you are not giggling at this already, please watch the video below to see where this all started ↓

What People Say In LA
Posted 01/25/12
I've heard all of these. Makes me want to give my big state of Colorado a hug.

Smart E-Book Interface
Posted 01/23/12
Pretty sweet. Think if you could flip through your eBooks like this? Would almost be like, dare I say it, a REAL book! (Go out to your local library, people. Books rule). Cool tech though!

Sir Sampleton
Posted 01/16/12
I've seen a lot of commercials for iPhone/iPad but this one takes the cake. Where is my credit card? Time to get purchasin!

Running Julia
Posted 01/16/12
Upon arriving at John Wayne airport, Julia wanted to try out her running skills. She needs more practice, it seems.

Quantum Levitation
Posted 01/06/12
Ok, so Wipe'Out could actually be true? One of the coolest games ever is Wipe'Out, a game were you drive your hover-racer around amazing tracks at high speed. If you aren't familiar with it, just check out the video. It's JUST like that. Rad. Thanks to codechemist for the link.

Posted 11/18/11
To stay on top of the ever-changing advertising landscape, john st. has opened the world's first cat video division. With production, filming and seeding all in-house. Ask yourself, what can cat videos do for your business?

Happy 11 Day!
Posted 11/11/11
"Eleven is One Louder"

She Walks!
Posted 11/09/11
Julia is certainly taking her time in the walking department but we don't mind. Once she starts going, we're afraid we are going to be chasing her everywhere. This clip was taken tonight and shows some of her first really good step combos. It was rare to get more than 3 in a row before today. Over and over tonight she put together around 6 to 7. I think she'll be unstoppable before we know it.

Face Melting Drum Solo
Posted 11/08/11
Julia received her first drum and, as you can tell, she's a natural. Look out Neil Peart, you're gonna have some serious competition soon. (The new iPhone 4S takes some awesome video. Pure 1080P, baby!)

Posted 10/21/11
Angry birds came out with a new update this week for Halloween '11. To help celebrate, they put out this awesome video introducing a new bird. He's awesome. They're awesome. Angry birds is awesome. The fun keeps coming. The only times when having 2 iPads might be helpful in my household is when a new set of levels comes out for Angry Birds. Kathy and I constantly fight over who gets to play.

Whole Lotta Love - WOW
Posted 10/19/11
This video is redic. Michael Winslow at his finest.

UFC Fighter Julia
Posted 10/19/11
Julia recently got into the act of bodyslamming. We thought it was so great that we decided to take a video of her doing her signature finishing move. If the WWE were this good all the time, I might actually become a fan. Who knows, maybe she's on her way to the mini-UFC.

TEDxUCLA - If h is a chair
Posted 10/13/11
Why wasn't this guy teaching at UCLA when I was there? Pretty cool talk. Yaaay typography!

Posted 10/06/11
One of the coolest montages of people doing extraordinary feats. Makes me want to get my rig out and go for a few jumps, I can tell you that much.

Art with Salt
Posted 09/30/11
Wow, this is cool. I'm so glad that the artist didn't sneeze during the process. That would have been a major "OH NO" moment.

Floor Monster
Posted 09/15/11
Took this little vid this morning. Julia loves it when I hide around a corner near the ground. As soon as she sees me, she starts charging, albeit slowly. I could play this with her all day.

Tahiti Tow Session
Posted 08/30/11
These guys are totally nuts! Look at how thick those waves are? I can't imagine dropping in to one of those monsters. I can't even imagine being on one of those boats near the break. Grande cajones!

Ben Howard
Posted 08/28/11
I can't wait for this guy's first album to come out in October. It is going to be awesome. If you don't trust me, just take a listen. ... I was right, wasn't I?

Google Catalogs
Posted 08/17/11
Introducing Google Catalogs, a new rich, interactive way to browse all your favorite catalogs on a tablet.

Danny Macaskill Can Ride a Bike
Posted 08/16/11
What I should have titled the post is "Danny Macaskill is a Crazy Nutter That Can Ride Better Than Anyone" but I have a bit of a size restraint... sorry. Anyways, check out this guy. It especially gets amazing around 2:45 into the vid.

Don't Play No Game...
Posted 08/09/11
Not the biggest fan of the Beastie Boys album by ANY stretch but this video is just fantastic. Nice work. Very nice work.

Who Doesn't Love a Mariachi Band?
Posted 08/03/11
This beluga whale certainly does. I'm what you might call a superfan as well.

MuteMath - Odd Soul
Posted 08/02/11
This video is awesome. Follow the link to see each of the instuments stripped into individual videos. Cool stuff!

The Man Without a Facebook
Posted 07/28/11
Haha. I love it. A funny take on A Man Without a Face. "Once in a while a friend request will come along that will change your life forever."

George Costanza Tribute
Posted 07/21/11
I REALLY miss this show. George, especially, was all kinds of awesome. Check out the tribute video to my personal favorite character on Seinfeld.

This Is How It Feels To Have A...
Posted 07/19/11
I've said it before. I'll say it again. "How awesome is Guster?" The best.

Thriller at a Baseball Game
Posted 07/12/11
Wow, this kid can dance! I wonder how that came about. Was he just sitting there and Thriller came on and he was like "YES! THAT'S MY JAM!" or was it something put on by the park (yes, I know, I'm too sceptical sometimes).

How Big is Julia?
Posted 07/01/11
This video should answer the question of how big Julia is. Amazing that she passed her 11 month birthday yesterday.

Synchronized Skydiving
Posted 06/22/11
This is some crazy air-dancing. Also super excited to see that there is a super sweet tunnel in Prague. That will come in super handy when the Mrs. and I visit next. Not sure when that will be but it WILL be.

Foo Fighters - Walk
Posted 06/17/11
Why do I love the Foo Fighters? One reason that JUST came to mind is that they are willing to make a music video and pay homage to a fantastic movie from my youth. In Falling Down, Michael Douglas plays an unemployed defense worker frustrated with the various flaws he sees in society and begins to psychotically and violently lash out against them. The Foo video isn't as violent as the movie but it is all-around great. Check it out!

Battlefield 3 Trailer
Posted 06/16/11
Wow, talk about an immersive gaming experience. My jaw is still on the floor. Amazing, amazing stuff. May actually have to pick this one up. Although, if the multiplayer is like that last one I may pass. That STILL being said, I might get it for the single player. Wow.

Whole Foods Parking Lot
Posted 06/15/11
Another classic. Reminds me a lot of Dad Life. Enjoy! "It's gettin' real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot..."

Solar Prominence Eruption!
Posted 06/09/11
Don't care for the commentary too much but WOW, what a video. The size of the event is truly remarkable. Take it easy sun. Take it easy.

Go Ride a Bike!
Posted 06/02/11
If this kid doesn't inspire those that don't ride bike to jump on one, I feel like there is no hope for you. Man, this kid is awesome. Thanks to @Halfwheeling for the link. Thumbs Up For Rock & Roll!

The Laugh
Posted 05/20/11
With Grandma in town, Julia is having a BALL! Listen to her laugh while she plays at our house last night. That little girl. My goodness. She kills me.

Still Bouncing!
Posted 05/17/11
Julia's latest video to show all of you that she has yet to get tired of her door bouncer. She was afraid you all forgot. Hugs & Kisses, Julia

Duncan - Paul Simon & Rayna
Posted 05/16/11
How amazing is this? What an amazing moment for a lucky fan. "Paul Simon has brought joy to so many for so long, but on this night he made Rayna Ford's dream come true. During a show in Toronto on May 7, Rayna Ford, a fan from Newfoundland, called out for Simon to play "Duncan," and said something to the effect that she learned to play guitar on the song. In a moment of astonishment and disbelief, Paul Simon invited her on stage, handed her a guitar and asked her to play it for the crowd. When she strapped on the guitar, the audience went crazy. In a few strums, the band played along, tears ran down Rayna Ford's cheeks and Simon stood by her side in smiles."

Horrible Bosses
Posted 05/11/11
Looks HI-larious. Seriously, when can I see this? Oh, right. July 8th, like the trailer said. "For Nick, Kurt and Dale, the only thing that would make the daily grind more tolerable would be to grind their intolerable bosses into dust. Quitting is not an option, so, with the benefit of a few-too-many drinks and some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con, the three friends devise a convoluted and seemingly foolproof plan to rid themselves of their respective employers...permanently. There's only one problem: even the best laid plans are only as foolproof as the brains behind them."

Dear 16 Year Old Me
Posted 05/10/11
Great message. Send it around.

Bach in a Forest
Posted 05/09/11
Doesn't need much explaination. Just watch it. Some people have way too much time on their hands if you ask me. Time... and a crapton of talent too.

Mumford & Sons
Posted 04/26/11
There has been a lot of really good Scottish bands making their way into my collection as of late. The latest that I've found is the above Mumford and Sons. So good! If you like that and want more, I highly recommend "We Were Promised Jetpacks" and "Frightened Rabbit" as well. Real good music folks!

White Limo - Foo Fighters
Posted 04/13/11
This song is so good, I can barely keep my pants on. Yes, you heard me right.

Atomix for iPad
Posted 04/07/11
AREA 5 PRESENTS: ATOMIX: THE WORLD'S FIRST VIDEOGAME MAGAZINE DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE IPAD A digital video game magazine? Yes, please! Just on what these guys have put out in the past, I'm on board. Can't wait to see what kind of stuff they come out with. So excited!

Tempest Freerunning Academy
Posted 04/05/11
How fun does this look (and dangerous)? I hope they have an ER right next door for all the shattered bones. Highlight for me is the area that looks like Super Mario. Awesome.

Hawken - Mech FPS
Posted 03/31/11
Wow, this game looks ridiculous. I haven't been fired up (yes, a pun) about a mech game since... well... seems like almost a decade. This one could be the one to get me back into the game (ta-da, another one). If only I knew what platform(s) it was coming out on. I guess time will tell.

Shop Vac
Posted 03/22/11
Ken posted this cool kinetic typography video back in December. Looks like I'm just getting around to posting it here on IM. Definitely worth a watch. Let's you really appreciate the power of good typography. If you don't appreciate it after seeing this, then you are just dumb.

Sax Man!
Posted 03/14/11
I love these types of videos. Guy walks into a group of unaware people and does something unusual. Hilarity. Ahhh George Michael must be so proud. Thanks to @Halfwheeling for finding this for me.

Posted 03/08/11
“Ah, if only we could flip a big happy switch and convert all the web's Flash content into (functional) HTML5 code. It's a dream shared by many and, funnily enough, the company pushing to make it a reality is none other than Adobe itself, the owner and proprietor of Flash. Its Labs research team has just released an experimental new dev tool, dubbed Wallaby, that's targeted at taking Flash-encoded artwork and animations and turning them into a more compatible mix of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.”

Big Head Blues Club
Posted 02/28/11
Another reason why I love Big Head Todd & the Monsters... as if I needed more reasons. Here is a performance of All My Love is Love in Vain, originally belonging to the great Robert Johnson.

Orelha Negra
Posted 02/25/11
I have no idea what this is all about. All I know is that it is incredibly cool. Am I right or am I right? Thanks to Karen for sending this along.

El Camino del Rey
Posted 02/25/11
This is some crazy stuff! I would love to think that I would be brave enough to walk this trail but I'm sure that when it came down to it, I would certainly hesitate at SOME points. I first saw this video (or another video of the same trail) years ago. Still nuts! If you're ever in the climbing sector of El Chorro in Spain's Andalucia, you should check this out!

25 Best Soundtracks
Posted 02/24/11
Found a pretty cool article on about the best movie soundtracks of all time. Although I loath some of these (not the one above, of course), they are all very memorable. Sadly, I haven't even seen some of the movies on the list. I guess that is what Netflix is for, eh? Time to get watching. I think I'll start with Easy Rider.

Posted 02/01/11
Wow, I want that truck. Pretty sure Kathy and I (and Julia) would be doing this all day, every weekend.

Roadtrip Nation
Posted 01/27/11
Crazy to see what some old friends that I grew up with have been up to. Very cool project that has gone way further than I ever thought it could. Remarkable. Way to go Nathan and Mike!

IBM Centennial Film: 100 X 100
Posted 01/25/11
Wow, this film is done REALLY well. Can't believe how long they have been around, influencing technology and driving innovation.

3D - No Glasses
Posted 01/24/11
Cool concept? Sure. Would I ever try it? Negative. Nothing like sending your muscles into convulsions to better your viewing experience. I think I'll opt for the glasses if the time ever comes.

Willow Smith vs. Sesame Street
Posted 01/20/11
Just great.

Miniature Whistler
Posted 01/19/11
Whistler gets the tiny treatment with this tilt-shift video, turning one of the biggest ski areas in the world into a living, breathing snow globe.

Posted 01/18/11
Dan sent me this. These guys are nuts! I wish that I had their cajones. Well, it's probably better that I don't, actually.

Apple TV
Posted 01/07/11
Kathy got me an Apple TV for Christmas this year and I must say that I absolutely love it. I subscribe to numerous video podcast, YouTube channels, Flickr feeds among other media streams. Keeping up with all of these has been manageable on my computers and other devices but the Apple TV does such a good job of simplifying all the UI to give me what I want, when I want it... and on my LCD TV! Watching photo slideshows is also a special treat as you can finally see the hi-res media that you have captured in years past come to life on a large screen. Same goes for movies made in iMovie. It basically takes all of my digital media and sends it to the most optimum viewing device, the TV, and for that, I am extremely thankful.

Julia's Door Bouncer
Posted 01/05/11
How cute is she? Honestly!

Posted 12/27/10
A twisted/different view of a Christmas tradition.

Stupid Rain
Posted 12/23/10
Christmas wasn't so merry in Laguna this year with some serious floods in my home town. Pretty lame stuff. Stranger still is that here in Colorado it's completely dry, sunny and mild.

Lego G(r)eek Computer
Posted 12/10/10
An uber-egghead named Andrew Carol, who works as a software engineer at Apple, has re-created the amazing Antikythera Mechanism using Legos. Ancient Greeks created the device in 100 B.C. to predict astronomical events. This is incredible. Thanks to Dano for finding this for me and sharing.

Flash Mob - Christmas Style
Posted 12/08/10
Very cool. These things are pretty popular these days but I rarely see people so talented. Do you? They have some pipes! I wonder how I would feel if I happened to be caught in the middle of one of these. I bet I would probably just be pissed that nobody invited me to be involved. Crying while they sing. So sad.

Christmas iBand
Posted 12/08/10
Wow, what a bunch of nerds! That being said, I think it's really cool. Technology really is changing things, isn't it? Duh. Thanks to Karen for linking this to me.

Something Lurking
Posted 12/07/10
Now THAT is a cool commercial. I hate to think how many man-hours it took to complete. Very cool.

Kings Firecrackers
Posted 11/30/10
I was mildly impressed when this video started going. I used to jump rope when I was a kid and I thought I was pretty darn good at it. WRONG! I sucked. Check out these talented girls!

Infinity Blade
Posted 11/08/10
I've been poo-pooing so many of the iPad games that I have seen up to this point but am happy to report that the tide seems to FINALLY be changing. A new game, called Infinity Blade, is coming out soon and looks ridiculous. Take a look.

The Vendor Client Relationship
Posted 11/02/10
Oh man! How true is this video everybody? Wow. Love it. Thanks so much to CodeChemist for finding this and sending it my way.

Happy Halloween!
Posted 10/31/10
We had a nice Halloween with little Julia this year. She dressed as, no, not a pumpkin. Actually, she was dressed up as Winnie the Pooh. You can see a photo of her outfit here » Hope you all had a fun, safe time out there. Happy Halloween. Oh, and Happy Birthday to brother Jon too!

Moleskin Pac-Man
Posted 10/21/10
Moleskine celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, pop-culture icon of the Eighties.

Kick, Kick, Kick
Posted 10/19/10
Heheh. More documented Julia greatness. She's either going to be a soccer player or a swimmer. I really need to get more video of the little one before she gets too big!

Posted 10/11/10
Sometimes I see a music video and just say WOW. This is one of those times. I'm not sure if it's brilliant or awful. One thing is for sure, I'm pretty sure that I will probably be having nightmares about these characters. I can see the band going back to the director or creative director countless times and saying "it's just not weird enough yet". In the end, I think they nailed it.

Cool Hunting Video
Posted 09/28/10
I don't subscribe to a lot of video podcasts... or audio podcasts for that matter. Of the handful that I do enjoy, Cool Hunting Video is way up near the top. “Founded in 2003, Cool Hunting is a destination for creative professionals and those looking for the newest original content spanning everything from molecular gastronomy to conceptual design.” What it really is on a more basic level is truly interesting and massively addicting.

Baby Monkey
Posted 09/23/10
Having a bad day? Week? This will brighten your spirits. What is it? Why, a baby monkey riding a pig. Yup. Enjoy. Also note how great the song is.

More Julia Footage
Posted 09/09/10
We took this video a little over a week. She's just so CUTE! Check her out trying to ride a phantom bicycle or something. She's super active all the time.

FUN - It's Contagious
Posted 08/30/10
What a great idea! Reminds me (and probably all of you) of the piano scene in the movie Big. Enjoy!

The 90s Top 50 Music Videos
Posted 08/26/10
Pitchfork Media has put together a list of what they think is the best 50 music videos from the 1990s. I'm not sure about some of videos on their list but most of them certainly take me back to happy times. Below are a few of my favorites. Enjoy! If you'd like to see the entire list, click on the link below all the videos. Daft Punk - Around the World Foo Fighters - Everlong Weezer - Buddy Holly

Tallest Man on Earth
Posted 08/26/10
Here is a nice live show of Tallest Man on Earth performing I Won't Be Found. This guy is so gifted, it hurts. If you don't already own his Shallow Grave album, you are DUMB. Get to iTunes music store or your local record shop now.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
Posted 08/25/10
Has anyone seen this movie that can give some feedback? It looks super-awesome but I haven't heard peep about it. Any feedback is appreciated.

Dragon Age 2 - Destiny Trailer
Posted 08/23/10
I didn't play the first Dragon Age but after seeing this trailer for the first one, I certainly am considering picking both of them up. Just looks amazing, doesn't it? I don't even care that it's only a cinematic. If they put this much effort into the videos, the game MUST be fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
Posted 08/18/10
Oh boy, oh boy! A new Ratchet & Clank game is coming out and this one has co-op! Finally, the Mrs and I will be able to run around together and save the universe. Insomniac continues to put out great titles and I know that this one won't disappoint. Apparently, you can play co-op with friends over the network. Who wants to join in the fun? Dibs on playing as Quark.

Quiznos - Human Sandwich
Posted 08/10/10
One of the better ads I have seen these days. Ha! Oh, and yes, Quiznos is delicious.

Baby Julia - Day 4 Video
Posted 08/03/10
Just having fun with our new baby girl. Ain't she the sweetest? We had quite a long day with Julia and in the evening she perked up and came to life. We were having so much fun that we decided that we had to capture some of it on video (well, our Nikon 5000). More to come, no doubt, as we have our cameras pointed at our little one pretty much all the time. Hopefully we don't burn everyone out on material.

The Winnebago Man Trailer
Posted 07/23/10
We try to keep InfectedMedia as family friendly as possible. This one certainly falls outside those borders those. If you are opposed to profanity, or are watching with someone who is, please do NOT watch this clip. Additionally, probably NSFW. Same reason, lots of cursing All others, please enjoy. I know you'll probably get a chuckle. I've seen this guy on YouTube for years. Classic.

Beck - Happy Wednesday!
Posted 07/14/10
Katie posted this on FB and it just made my morning. Love Beck. Video is great too. I really wish I could pull off some of the outfits that his band is rockin'.

Pilot Handwriting
Posted 07/07/10
This is one of the coolest web apps that I have seen in some time. Basically, you can print out their type templates, draw your own characters, upload them to their site and create your own font that looks just like your handwriting. I'm not sure how well it can deal with glyphs but I guess I will have to go through the whole process to find out. Looking forward to it!

Airplane - 30th Birthday!
Posted 06/28/10
Wow, it's been 30 years since this gem came out. Truly, truly hysterical. I love this movie, always have. If you have the means, I suggest you take some time out of your busy week, pull out your old DVDs and take a laughing trip down memory lane. FROM IMDB: Joey: Wait a minute. I know you. You're Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. You play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. Roger Murdock: I'm sorry son, but you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Roger Murdock. I'm the co-pilot. Joey: You are Kareem. I've seen you play. My dad's got season tickets. Roger Murdock: I think you should go back to your seat now Joey. Right Clarence? Captain Oveur: Nahhhhhh, he's not bothering anyone, let him stay here. Roger Murdock: But just remember, my name is [showing his nametag] Roger Murdock: ROGER MURDOCK. I'm an airline pilot. Joey: I think you're the greatest, but my dad says you don't work hard enough on defense. [Kareem's getting mad] Joey: And he says that lots of times, you don't even run down court. And that you don't really try... except during the playoffs. Roger Murdock: The hell I don't. LISTEN KID. I've been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I'm out there busting my buns every night. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.

Taken By Storm
Posted 06/22/10
A new documentary is in the works about the most influential album artist in history. Trust me, probably 80% of the albums you own were designed by Storm Thorgerson (if you have good taste in music of course). This guy is truly a genius. I have linked the Kickstarter project so that you can donate to make sure this film gets completed. Love it! "Storm Thorgerson designed 80% of your record collection and has been called the sixth member of Pink Floyd. This film about his life is guided by the lovely notion that beauty and poetic discovery can send us back in time. Soundtracks, signed posters, and original artwork await you."

Sony E3 Presentation
Posted 06/16/10
Fun fun! Can't wait for some of these games. Most notably, so far, has to be Twisted Metal. Man, those have always been fun to play. You can watch the entire presentation here. I would have embedded the video here, but Gamespot's player has embed issues. Stupid Gamespot.

World Cup!
Posted 06/11/10
Soccer. This clip just kinda sums it up... especially after watching the France game today that ended in a tie of 0-0. Come ON!!!

Lego Printer
Posted 06/02/10
This video seems to be pretty much everywhere today. Doesn't reduce the impression it had on me though. Super cool. I'd love to have a printer like this. Wouldn't you?

Gary Coleman
Posted 05/28/10
You'll be missed Gary. You filled my childhood with a lot of laughs. For that, thank you.

The Office: Woof!
Posted 05/21/10
This scene from last night's Office just about killed me. So good, I may just have to watch the whole episode over again. Hilarity! I'm definitely going to have to Woof! this post so that I can be notified via, well, everything!

My Time: Minus the Bear
Posted 05/18/10
I realize that I have already posted a music video for the single off of the new OMNI album. This new one, however, seems to be more of the official type. As you can probably tell, I can't really get enough of their music. Great stuff. For those of you who would like to get the new album, you can find a link to it here. If you want to get even more of their music, I highly recommend their Planet of Ice album which you can link to and listen to here.

Le Tigre - Deceptacon
Posted 05/13/10
Every once in awhile, I come across both musical and visual bliss in the form of a music video. This is a perfect example of one of those times. Thanks to Buzz for the link.

Pantone Plus Matching System
Posted 05/12/10
Description from linked page on Pantone today unveiled their new Pantone color matching system, Pantone Plus. The new system adds new colors, new tools and a new arrangement to make viewing colors in a range easier. The Pantone matching system is a valuable tool in any designers arsenal, and with these changes Pantone is hoping to remain on the cutting edge of color selection. The video features Pantone’s iPhone and iPad app, myPANTONE. One new useful addition is the inclusion of a light checking tool that ensures correct lighting for selecting colors as accurately as possibly. Check out the new Plus series at Pantone’s website.

Roller Carousel
Posted 05/11/10
Karen at work sent me this little gem this morning. What a great way to start a Tuesday! I love it so much. I'm sure these guys thought it might start getting kinda fast, like the Tea Cups at Disneyland or something, and maybe get nauseous but I bet they weren't counting on this kind of ending! Tremendous! Roller Carousel!

Little Big Planet 2
Posted 05/10/10
Well, they finally announced the upcoming Little Big Planet 2. If the second one is anywhere as glorious as the 1st, I'm sure the Seybolds will have to pick up a copy later this year. Fun fun fun. Oh, and if you don't already have the first game, you should.

Starcraft II - Beta
Posted 05/07/10
OK folks, the beta for Starcraft is out and I'm wondering how everyone likes it. I'm sure it is beautiful but is it really something special? If it is, I could really use a beta key folks. Come on! *wink* *wink*!

Mike Patton's Mondo Cane
Posted 05/06/10
I'm really not sure what to make of this. Mike Patton, most notably of Faith No More fame has a new project. He is taking Italian classics and singing them behind a full orchestra. If that isn't your "WTF" moment of the week, I don't know what will be. Here is a description that I found on the linked page: Mike Patton of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom and Fantomas fame is back with his latest musical endeavor, Mondo Cane. Not one to rest on his laurels Patton has dived right into the Italian songbook of pop songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Backed by the grandiose sounds of a full 40-piece orchestra and singing completely in Italian, Patton makes the music of Ennio Morricone, Gino Paoli, Johnny Mathis and more entirely his own. The title of the album is in reference to the notorious 1962 Italian shocumentary Mondo Cane and the translation is “the world is a dog”, appropriately fitting for a release bearing the Patton name.

Starcraft II Campaign
Posted 04/26/10
I came across this video showing some of the details on Blizzard's upcoming release. This game is going to do anything but suck. The bigger question is do I have the clicking prowess still with me? I doubt it.

Baby Room Update
Posted 04/19/10
Had quite a big weekend getting ready for the little one. We started by tackling the baby room beginning with a fresh paint job. After weeks of deliberating on color choices, we finalized on two shades of green. As we are waiting to be surprised by if we are going to be having a little boy or little girl, we were somewhat stuck with either green or yellow for the theme color. We weren't really psyched on the yellows that we found so green seemed to make the most sense. The video has a hard time conveying the colors but trust me, the room looks awesome. It all went a little further after I put the crib together (one of the most exciting things I have ever done). It is gorgeous, isn't it? We are just so happy how well everything is coming together. We need to put up some pictures and add some little polishes to the overall room theme but you can really start to see where it is going. Woohoo! Babies!

Alice for the iPad
Posted 04/14/10
I really do think that this is pretty cool. Think of all the learning possiblities here for kids. Want to see engaged readers? This is one way to really get the ball rolling. And just think, the iPad has only been out for a couple weeks! FROM CPLUV: "Tilt your iPad to make Alice grow big as a house, or shrink to just six inches tall. This is Alice in Wonderland digitally remastered for the iPad. Play with the White Rabbit's pocket watch - it realistically swings and bounces. Help Alice swim through a Pool of Tears. Or hand out sweets that bounce and collide with the magical talking Dodo."

Sketchbook Pro for iPad
Posted 04/09/10
I have seen a lot of apps for the new iPad. Nothing gets me more excited about the new platform and it's capabilities than an app call Sketchbook. Imagine being an art student with a tool like this. I don't think I would do anything but doodle and play with this amazing tool. Check it out in this video. The link goes to a Wired article highlighting 15 apps that are "must-haves" for new iPad owners. I'm not sure about all of them for me but am certainly wowed by most.

Muppet Friday
Posted 04/02/10
What better way to welcome the weekend in than with the Muppets signing "Stand by Me"? I can't think of a better way either. Enjoy! Oh, and Happy Easter!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii
Posted 03/29/10
This movie clip from the 1985 movie "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" is one of the most random I have ever seen. I may have to pick this up in the 99¢ bin. If I did, I would certainly be overpaying. Thanks to Sliozis for finding the IMDB page. Check out some of those CLASSIC quotes!

Posted 03/16/10
For your daily dose of "that's awesome". * Thanks to JFreeze for the link.

Minus the Bear - My Time
Posted 03/09/10
Minus the Bear has a new album coming out May 4th and I, for one, can't wait to get my hands on it. Check out this little music video and get to lovin' it. Also notable is that they are touring around soon. Wish they were coming to Denver. Jerks.

Google Chrome
Posted 03/09/10
I think I might be a convert to Google's new browser. I just love it. Fast, secure, better CSS compatibility, etc. I highly recommend it to those out there not happy with their current browsers. I'm looking sternly at you, IE users.

Dolphin Bubbles
Posted 02/23/10
Amazing! “Watch the dolphins at SeaWorld Orlandos Dolphin Cove as they artfully create and play with underwater bubble rings and hear what SeaWorlds trainers, educators and guests have to say about this fun and fascinating behavior.”

Free, Essential Mac Apps
Posted 02/17/10
A nice list of FREE apps for everyone in love with their mac. I have pretty much all of these in the list. Trust me, they are all great. Ugh, I hate the CNET embeddable video player. Sorry for that. Too many ever-present controls. Haven't we learned that all controls for online videos should be user initiated? Take note from Vimeo or YouTube.

Pelican Attacks Weatherman
Posted 02/17/10
This is just too funny. I think the weatherman was enjoying the attack a little too much. Funny, funny.

Neutra Face: A Musical Typeface
Posted 02/12/10
Wow, this was almost TOO much but I had to post it because I really have to support my designer friends out there. One of those "hard to watch all the way through" videos. Yikes. * Thanks to Stacia for finding this for me.

The Muppets: Beaker's Ballad
Posted 02/09/10
Wow, I am feeling crappy today with a head/chest cold. When hearing of what a rough day I was having, codechemist sent me a link that turned my mopey attitude right around. Who doesn't love Beaker from The Muppets? Nobody, that's who! Thanks codechemist!

20 Years of Photoshop
Posted 02/02/10
This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Adobe product that literally changed my life. I think that I first started tinkering around with Photoshop when it was in it's 3rd iteration which was around 1995. From that moment, I loved how artistic I could be without using traditional methods. I have many fond memories playing around with brushes, colors and it's newest feature, LAYERS with Dan on my Apple 6300! Through many iterations of the program (I am currently rocking CS4), I have remained thankful for the awesome tool that has been enriching my work and creativity. I could go on and on about Photoshop but I won't. That last thing people want is for someone to get mushy about a piece of software, right? Instead, I will point you off to a great article about the history of Photoshop. For super PS nerds, I have included a video with one of the creators who gives a nice interview on it's history. Enjoy!

Sawyer Pierce, The Shap Show
Posted 01/21/10
My man Sawyer bringin' the house down. What a STUD!

Diablo 3 Teaser Trailer
Posted 01/14/10
I don't know about you fools, but this game has me excited. When watching this trailer, I wasn't sure if I was watching something from Lord of the Rings or what. Amazing stuff. It will be fantastic.

Michael Jackson Tribute
Posted 01/12/10
Michael Jackson Medley - Brett Domino - AX Synth KeytarPretty much the best thing I have ever seen. This guy RULES! Thanks to Fillup for the link.

10 YouTube URL Tricks
Posted 12/25/09
Youtube – You know that site with videos and all. Yeah! It turns out that its quite popular and you happen to visit and use it quite often. Instead of just searching and playing here are some top Youtube URL tricks that you should know about (at least a link to an article about them).

Coors Drive
Posted 12/22/09
Well, we finally moved into our new house in Golden, CO. Check it out with this wonky walkthrough that I filmed yesterday. Hopefully you'll get an idea of why we fell in love with it so fast.

1 Year Ago Today
Posted 12/14/09
My Dad died a year ago today. As much as I miss him I still get by remembering all of the great times that we had together. I can only hope that my kids some day think so fondly of their time with me.

Pandemic Studios Says Goodbye
Posted 11/24/09
Last week Electronic Arts put a bullet in the head of Pandemic Studios, putting many of their 200 staff out of work a week before Thanksgiving. Today Pandemic ex-staffers let EA know how they feel. Maybe the publisher should be happy that all they lost was a printer in the mass firings of developers skilled at making games with destructible environments.

Jason Segel Sings
Posted 11/19/09
Actor Jason Segel (of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" fame) performing an original song, with The Swell Season, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA. Nov 18, 2009 Here's how this happened... The band was at a restaurant in Los Angeles; drinking tea, when they were offered a bottle of wine by two celebrities. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Now The Swell Season has been enjoying watching their "Freaks & Geeks" DVDs while on tour, so this was a nice coincidence. They became good acquaintances, so The Swell Season asked Jason Segel to be a surprise guest and sing a song for us. Wasn't this too cool?

Google Wave
Posted 11/14/09
Found a nice video (very long and thorough) on Google Wave. I know there are a lot of people out there that don't know a lot about the upcoming Google product. This should give some insight on what they are working on.

Art & Copy
Posted 09/30/09
I really want to see this. Might be tough as there are limited screenings. If it is in your area, check it out.

Everybody Loves Sketch
Posted 09/17/09
Truly amazing. I want this. Would be so great for conceptual drawing.

Jeff's Last Show
Posted 09/14/09
My buddy Jeff played his last Quiet show last Saturday and it was fantastic. Andy and I traveled out to Hollywood to watch the festivities and scored when they decided to end the show with a personal favorite of mine, "He's Just a Friend" by Biz Markie. Great song, great cover, great band. We'll miss you on stage Hef!

Cobra Kai
Posted 09/10/09
Kathy's new national skydiving team is now called Cobra Kai. I think it is just hilarious as they chant "Sweep the Leg" and "Strike First, Strike Hard, SHOW NO MERCY". It is all just great. To add to their fun, I have recommended amazing Joe Esposito song You're the Best Around. I'm hoping they play it in their team room and right before jumps. Hilarious! Additionally, I think they need these shirts, right?

Gob's Suits
Posted 08/26/09
Man, I really miss this show. Brilliant! COME ON!

Ratchet & Clank Future
Posted 08/20/09
Oh my! My favorite video game series is coming out with a new offering. Check out what I'm all giddy about. Can't wait!

Cool Guys & Explosions
Posted 08/19/09
Totally worth the watch. Especially love when Will comes into the picture as Neil Diamond.

TomTom iPhone App Released
Posted 08/17/09
TomTom has released it's application that lets you navigate via GPS with your iPhone. I've always been a fan of TomTom (even without owning one). Now, with $99 I could hook it up to my iPhone and have all the same tools available in a $400 unit. Yaaaay!

Sand Painting
Posted 08/13/09
Kseniya Simonova won “Ukraine’s Got Talent” by telling stories through pictures she drew in sand. A whole bunch of awesome.

Love Hurts
Posted 08/11/09
Got me to giggle a bit more than I was expecting.

The Wedge - Newport Beach
Posted 07/29/09
I grew up in this area and used to go watch guys with huge cajones attack the super-shore-break Wedge. It is something to behold when the south swell kicks in and starts throwing huge reflection waves off of the jetty.

Tron Legacy (2010) Trailer
Posted 07/27/09
MMMMmmmm... Tron. This actually looks pretty amazing. Although, I still think the original film looks amazing. Will this movie live up to the rediculous expectations it will most certainly gain? Only time will tell.

Best Wedding Entrance Ever
Posted 07/23/09
Title speaks for itself. Check it out!

Thank You YouTube!
Posted 07/14/09
YouTube has announced that they will cease to support IE6! They have recently posted warnings on the top of their pages letting users know that if they are using the old, poor browser, their experiences will suffer. As a web developer, this makes a lot of sense as writing code for it is a total nightmare. If you want to see something completely messed up, view this site in IE6. It is borked and it always will be. I hate IE6.

Post-It Love
Posted 07/14/09
This is just great. Thank you youtube! Not sure if this is an ad for Post-It or not but it sure should be, don't you think?

We Won't Break
Posted 06/15/09
A very cool music video that Sonyl sent me. Catchy tune and a great animation style. Definitely worth a (few) viewings. It's also fun to check out some of their other videos as well.

LED Sheep
Posted 05/04/09
Need a break? Here is a good way to spend the next 2:44 of your internet life. Very cool stuff.

Happy St. Patties!
Posted 03/17/09
One of my favorite days of the year! Enjoy! To help celebrate, please partake in this old Muppets video.

The Woz
Posted 03/10/09
Steve Wozniak, Apple's famous brain and engineer has become a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Yikes! Watch his first attempt on the stupid-except-for-this show. Gotta give him props for going for it, no?

Posted 03/09/09
Check out my new favorite dog, Blizkit, the sleep walking lab. If you like this video, there are a few others out there of this little guy doing the same kinda thing. Hilarious!

The Snuggie
Posted 02/10/09
A funny parody of the snuggie infomercial. I really, really hate this frickin' product.

Guitar Hero: Real
Posted 02/03/09
Somebody buy this kid a frickin' real guitar already. Watch the crazy fingers at work on "Through the Fire and Flames" on expert.

Posted 12/30/08
Jared likes this video and so do I.

Need Storage
Posted 12/03/08
A must see commercial. It is just classic.

Mr. Spriggs BBQ
Posted 11/20/08
Probably the best commercial I have ever seen. I would be ALL over this place if I were anywhere close to it.

YouTube HD
Posted 10/16/08
Apparently some videos have been upgraded in quality, and adding either "&fmt=18" or "&fmt=6" to the URL of a video will make it available to users.

5 Friends Uncensored
Posted 10/02/08
Great video. Get out there and vote people. Register!

Drainage Fail
Posted 08/21/08
Wow, this gets out of hand really quick. I'm pretty sure if I were in the little car I would poop myself.

Swimming Legend
Posted 08/18/08
The next great swimming legend from Equitorial Guinea. Thanks to Phong for the link.

Posted 08/05/08
One of the best plugins I have ever downloaded. Check it out, it will certainly make your browsing of sites like YouTube, Flickr, Amazon and the like more entertaining.

Posted 07/10/08
A fun and silly video on how to silkscreen your own t-shirts, jackets, bags and pretty much anything else. This would be really fun to do if I wasn't trying to sell off my equipment at the moment.

Honda Commercial
Posted 06/04/08
Difficult Is Worth Doing - A very cool commercial with a bunch of skydivers making some very complicated formations. Wow.

Mario RC Car & Bottles
Posted 04/17/08
To remind you of when you used to work really hard for no other reason than that you were passionate about what you were doing.

Beat Boxing & Cooking
Posted 04/16/08
Pretty awesome. I wish I could beat box like this. Yes, I know, completely unrealistic but I still would love it.

Raining McCain
Posted 03/25/08
You think Obama Girl is crazy? Check out McCain's girls. This just fantastic/horrendous. Pitch perfect!

Hey Jude
Posted 03/07/08
Best Beatles cover that I have ever seen in my life and I have seen quite a few. "Remember to ret her into your heart."

Posted 02/01/08
From, over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York.

George Costanza Tribute
Posted 01/22/08
Man, I miss this show and George's character. "George is getting upset!"

Posted 01/11/08
Rahul passed this gem across to me today. Damn. I just can't stop watching it. Wish I could dance like that.

Silent Library
Posted 01/11/08
Just watch it. I was in tears (from laughing so hard) by the end.

Jason Alexander
Posted 01/04/08
I bet he wishes he didn't have this in his body of work. McDonalds, singing, good times.

Machine Girl Trailer
Posted 12/14/07
This is by far the craziest movie trailer I have ever seen. Def need to not be offended by gratuitous blood and violence to proceed to link. Wow. Go machine girl.

Dance, dance, dance!
Posted 12/05/07
Wow, I think I found out where Kathy and her brother David get all of their great dance moves. Maybe they were given lessons by their cousin, Mary, seen here. Wow, that's good stuff.

Brenda Dickson
Posted 11/16/07
"Welcome to my home." This is simply hard to watch and hard to stop. Wow is all I can say.

Squirrel Melts
Posted 09/25/07
I'm speechless...

Acoustic Charlie Brown
Posted 09/24/07
Some guy playing some Charlie Brown music on an nylon acoustic guitar. Good times.

MS-DOS 5 Promo
Posted 09/11/07
One of the best/worst videos I have seen in as long as I can remember. I can't even begin to explain how things like this get made. AMAZING!!!

If I Could Be Anyone...
Posted 09/05/07
... I would definitely be this guy. One of the best covers I have ever heard, one of the best music videos on the planet. It plain and simple doesn't get any better than this.

Miss Smart Universe
Posted 08/27/07
This girl is amazing. I know, I know, she is under a lot of pressure or whatever. Or, maybe she is just as dumb as a stump.

VTI Rocks!
Posted 08/24/07
Check out this promo for the Video Technical Institute from 1987. Man, it's so good, I would sign up in a heartbeat. Ahhhh... the 80's, how I miss them so.

Swedish Chef
Posted 08/23/07
This guy used to crack me up as a kid. Still does, really. "Bork! Bork! Bork!"

The Hoff
Posted 08/23/07
If you can't get enough of David Hasselhoff then this might interest you. For the rest of you, it will probably just hurt. What is Germany thinking???

Russia's Got Talent
Posted 08/20/07
If our "America's Got Talent" show had guys like this on, I might actually have to watch it. Luckily for me and my schedule, they don't so I can spend my time doing other things, like, well, watching different shows.

Wave Pool
Posted 08/16/07
Crazy wave pool action from Japan. The title pretty much sums it up, where is the water? Who know, all I know is that Japan is an island that SHOULD have a ton of coastline and waves. Go there, dumbasses.

Posted 08/16/07
This guy is just amazing. I think I have seen him 3 times now w/ Kenny and Kathy. Good listenin'.

Mew - Snow Brigade
Posted 08/15/07
Another reminder why this band kicks so much ass. Love it! Looks to be quite a windy performance, eh?

Bourne Ultimatum
Posted 08/10/07
Hilarious spoof from the Jimmy Kimmel show. Definitely got a giggle or two out of me.

Why Japanese TV Rocks
Posted 08/09/07
Oh man, I would never leave my couch if I lived in Japan and had gems like this on TV regularly. GOLD I TELL YOU!!

An Army of Bass
Posted 07/09/07
Spinal Tap's Big Bottom played with, literally, an army of bass players. Hilarity.

Posted 07/05/07
This is just about the best music video ever. Imagine Braveheart, the movie, with a big slice of metal.

Dramatic Look
Posted 06/20/07
You ever have a video on youtube that you just have to watch over and over and over? This one did that for me. Awesome.

Simpsons Mashup
Posted 06/20/07
Check out this Simpsons version of Die Hard. Pretty funny and spot on. I bet you could do an hour long short w/ these kinds of scenes.

Posted 06/06/07
One of the best commercials I have ever seen. Man, so good.

Cool New Video Player
Posted 06/06/07
As the number of video players and YouTube-esque companies continue to rise, the better online video players will become. This is the coolest one that I have seen in quite some time. Of note are the options to drag the video around the window and brightness/contrast control.

Star Wars Trailer
Posted 04/26/07
It is amazing to me that the Star Wars movies were able to be as successful as they were in spite of having some of the WORST trailers in history. Check out this one for Empire Strikes Back. Who is that guy narrating? Aweful!

Pole Position
Posted 04/23/07
A great commercial for one of the first games that I ever owned. Wow, this vid is just great.

Safety Word: Pineapple!
Posted 03/21/07
A great video of Ross, the intern, meeting Steve Irwin back in the day. Hilarious stuff.

Ninja Turtle Girl
Posted 02/28/07
This is just sad. This poor girls revolves her life around Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with more passion than any kid I knew back in the early 90s. Wow... Follow your heart, follow your heart.

Exploding Shark
Posted 02/01/07
They just don't make shows or movies like they used to. Check out this amazing video from Batman: The Movie. It just keeps getting more and more outrageous.

Stefan's Chokeshow
Posted 01/05/07
Worst hockey play you will ever see in your entire life.

Posted 12/15/06
Why I love this show so much. Check out my favorite clip EVER! Go Turk, GO.

Posted 11/27/06
A great compilation of Chicken Dances from Arrested Development. Man oh man, I could watch this over and over.

Laughing Baby
Posted 11/21/06
Had a bad day? Need a good laugh? Watch this video, I'm pretty sure it can turn the worst moods around in less than 10 seconds. Man, this kid cracks me up.

Meaty Cheesy Boys
Posted 10/18/06
Remember this commercial for Jack In The Box? How awesome was this... "What's a target?"

Nerds United
Posted 10/10/06
Google has aquired youtube. Wow, that is a big deal. And it all happened for the bargain price of 1.6 BILLION. Wow, I bet these two guys will need surgery to remove their smiles.

Posted 10/05/06
Stuff like this really makes me wish that I still was in math. Good stuff nerds, good stuff!

Coolest Door Ever!
Posted 10/02/06
Man, I bet this would cost a fortune but man would it be worth it. GIMME!!!

Janice Janice Janice...
Posted 09/22/06
One of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time. Partly sad, really, but the reaction of the mother/lady throughout the clip is priceless.

Silver Spoons
Posted 09/15/06
Browsing around You Tube I ran into this gem. Man, my sister Stacey and I saw every episode of this show. SO GOOD!

Light-Emitting Shirts
Posted 09/08/06
The colors! The colors! Check out these cool new t-shirts that Philips has been showcasing. Man, think how annoying it could be if everyone went around wearing shirts that emitted light.

Video of the Day
Posted 08/21/06
Just click, this song and video rule! Takes me straight back to a tennis-related road trip I took back in high school.

One Night in Bangkok
Posted 08/16/06
"One Night in Bangkok" is a song originally released in 1984 by Murray Head, and later remixed for release by Vinylshakerz in 2005.

I'm Heading Out!
Posted 08/04/06
Kathy and I are taking a road trip to Colorado for the next week so i apologize in advance for the lack of posts. Maybe Applenerd or Kenzo can pick up the slack. Well, I thought I would leave you with something spectacular. Here it is, introducing a blast from the past, BALKY.

Work It Out
Posted 07/26/06
The new Jurassic 5 / Dave Matthews music video is up on the web. Pretty good stuff.

Posted 07/21/06
One of the most fantastic public figures was on Larry King and was... well... legendary. Check out the highlight reel here.

Posted 07/05/06
Probably the most painful thing I have ever watch. Check out this Adam West TV show that should never have been. Wow, wow, wow. This is incredibly bad.

youtube + $$$ =
Posted 07/05/06 The newest of countless viral video sites. The difference with this one? The site offers to share it's ad revenue with the movie makers. COOL! If only I could make cool movies.

Sling to Your Phone
Posted 06/16/06
Have a super-duper phone? Have a slingbox too? If you have both, you can now watch and control your tv from anywhere. Man, that is pretty sweet. Now if only there were some good programming.

The Evolution of Dance
Posted 05/10/06
A cool skit on every dance craze from the 50's on. Very cool. My favorite part has to be Mr. Roboto.

Japan TV
Posted 04/28/06
One of the stranger videos I have come across, check out this woman's talent.

Rapping Greatness
Posted 04/19/06
I can pretty much say this video will be the best thing that you will see all day. Maybe even all week. Check out the Average Homeboy.

Clerks II?
Posted 04/18/06
Check out this trailer for the sequel to our favorite movie about convenience stores. I hope Olaf is in this one too.

Ratchet & Clank PS3
Posted 04/12/06
A little movie announcing the triumphant arrival of my FAVORITE game to the upcoming PS3. Glorious, glorious day! Now I just need to fork over some cash money to get the console.K, not so stoked anymore.

The Greatest!
Posted 04/05/06
One of the greatest athletic moments in history. Enjoy Wrestlemania 3. Man, that is good stuff.

Point Breakback Mtn.
Posted 02/22/06
I know these videos are running rampant right now but this one holds a special place in my heart. Love it!

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